Justice just is

And there is no escaping it

For justice will prevail

Though today they’re raping it

For there’s a holy clerk

Who’s keeping records pure

Annotating every work

Of this you can be sure.

Nothing goes unnoticed

And nothing is forgotten

Of every human act

Whether righteous or plain rotten.

The justice of men

Is as filthy rags to God

Whose Son will come again

To plant beneath the sod

Those who’ve only sown

On Earth an evil wind

Who though they have been warned

Refuse to cease to sin

And so must reap the whirlwind

Justice from God’s hand

Who won’t allow forever

Evil in the land.

The justice in men’s courts

Does not deserve the name

But the justice from above

In no way is the same

As the justice that is bought

By the highest bidder

Sold by men in robes

Who seem to know no better

Than to render verdicts queer

That call good evil and evil good

Who God’s justice do not fear

Although they really should.

Today they’re sending men to jail

Just for their opinion

Which act reflects a trait

That belongs to Satan’s minion

Who serves the king of evil

Who God’s righteousness opposes

Who the truth despises

And whose every act discloses

That he does not value justice

But revels in repression

Of what God has said is righteous

Which he holds in derision.

But justice will prevail

As there is no escaping it

And even though today

They appear to be raping it

God is very patient

Each one will receive

Just what he has coming

As no one can deceive

The Author of Justice

Who sits on the throne

Who when He returns

Will make all things known.

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