I feel lost in this project. I am just one man. I can do nothing on my own. So I reach out in hope of convincing others to do what I know we can do. And instead of inspiring a tidal wave of action, I fail even to inspire a comment from anyone. It is discouraging, but I will not allow myself to be defeated. I will continue to push forward. And I will convince you to collaborate.

In the meantime, here is the latest song:

                    MORE BIBLES

There are more Bibles than acorns, that is fine

So many Bibles, you have yours, I have mine

You would think God were showing us a sign

Or a message

Straight from the divine… //


There are more Bibles than there are grains of sand

There are more Bibles than folks in the land

There are more Bibles than fruit on the trees

Now read them, please –

Read them, please…//


There are more Bibles than tears in our eyes

Could they all be a blessing in disguise?

When will we see, when will we realize

That God is saying,

“I love you”?  //


There are more Bibles than demons, you know

So many Bibles, stacked up in rows

Gathering dust – well, that’s how it goes

From dust to dust

But we can grow…//


So read your Bible, read it today

See God’s message – wipe the tears away

And be a blessing to others on the way

Reminding them

Lord Jesus will come…//

He will come, and when He does it will be to end evil and to reward each one according to his work.

We Have It So Hard

Life is so difficult. We have to be careful not to overeat. So many Americans are overweight. Many are obese. Everywhere we turn we are faced with temptation to try some new delicacy. It is just not fair.

Life is hard. The price of gas keeps going up. That reflects in the cost of food and other commodities. Travel costs more now. A vacation that might have cost $2,000 a few years ago today could cost almost $3,000. It isn’t fair.

Life is so unfair. The price of cable went up. It costs an arm and a leg to see a movie. A decent 4G phone costs over $100.00. It’s crazy, I’m telling you.

You Think?

You think you’ve got it so bad

You could just break down and cry

You’re feeling sadder than sad

You don’t know how you’ll get by

You don’t know which way to turn

You don’t know which way to go

You only wait and you yearn

But just for what…you don’t know

Oh, Lord, please

Listen to Me!

Oh, Lord, please

Where can you be?! //

You think you’ve got it so bad

But you did not die today

Like all those children who had

From hunger faded away

You didn’t die from disease

Or as a victim of war

So I will just ask you: Please

Please do not be…such a bore

Oh, Lord, please

Please let me see!

Oh, Lord, please

What should I be?! //

Today the world is on fire

People are dropping like flies

And calling out for our help

While we are deaf to their cries

How can you sit there and think

That you have got it so bad?

The world would all be content

If they could have…what you’ve had

Oh, Lord, please

What should I do?

Oh, Lord, let

Me follow you! //


Judgment Coming

The Lord’s friends are his riches and glory

He wants you to tell your story

And to give your testimony

He’s calling you to be holy

The time has come to be strong

For the One to whom we belong

Who is calling us to speak

To be obedient and to be meek

But not to be weak

For He has given us power

And prepared us for this hour

When his kingdom is about to come

When by all means we must save some

We are still in the time of grace

But all soon will see his face

Some with joy and amazing peace

But some will stand before his throne

For judgment

Phobias Are Good & Pangloss Meets Procrustes

Phobias Are Good 

Phobias are good

They keep you quite alert

Which helps you avoid hurt

Which can improve your mood.

And if you fear your food

It helps you to lose weight

Your symptoms will abate

Much more than they would

If you were not afraid.

So phobias can aid

In very many ways

For any who obeys

His plethora of fears

Must multiply his years.

Are you afraid of heights

Or of the pitch black nights

Or of your neighbor’s cat?

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Do you suspect your friends

Of planning your demise

Of telling many lies

To thus disguise their ends?

It may be that you see

With better clarity

The dark reality

Of what some friends can be.

Are you afraid to drive

Or to ride in a car?

This fear keeps you alive

And isn’t very far

From being common sense

For the happy recompense

Of acting out of fear

Is a smile from ear to ear.

Are you afraid to live?

This phobia is smart

For the trials that life can give

Can tear you clear apart.

Are you afraid to die?

This is a good fear too

And if you don’t know why

It’s the worms that wait for you.

But phobias do abate

And something like life ensues

But will this life be great?

It depends on how you choose.


Pangloss Meets Procrustes

“All is well,” the doctor said,

Stretched out upon the giant’s bed.

“How could life the better be?

Go on, my friend, dismember me.”

Procrustes, taken then aback,

Could not at once begin to hack

Upon Pangloss’s bound-up limb,

But simply stared a while at him.

Then shortly mused he, “What the heck,”

And smartly chopped the doctor’s neck,

Then laughingly said, “What the hell!

The Doc was right! Now all is well!”


Anthology Coming

I have finished an anthology of 70 poems that I want to publish, and want to use any profits or royalties to feed the starving. They are good poems. You will like them. I will post a couple here, so that you can get a feel for what the anthology offers:


It’s possible to miss the point

And judge a thing amiss

It happens to the best of us

Whenever we insist

On placing an opinion

Above the word of God

Or when we judge another

Before we even had

Examined closely what was said

And what was really meant

But though we judge sincerely

Without the wrong intent

It still becomes our failing

To have judged amiss

To have exchanged discernment

For an easy guess

That misrepresents the message

Another wished to send

And so confuse unwisely

What he’d have us apprehend

To discern within the Spirit

Is a blessing to be sought

Not to be taken lightly

Or confused with fickle thought

That may come or go at any time

Without having first

Examined the message closely

With the mind of Christ

And who are we to judge

The servant of another Man

Who may convey a message

By that servant’s willing hand?

Are we so sure that every thought

Within the mind of Christ

Before it might be published

Must meet approval first

By us, and not by Jesus

The one by whom we’re sent?

Does He need your counsel

To express the word that’s meant

To go forth and accomplish

What the kingdom comes to do?

Is every word He has to send

To come from only you?

Is His love just a sentiment

And not a call to be

As righteous and as holy

And as perfect as is He?

Is His message only one of love

Or are we sent to warn

When He commands us to advise

Regarding those who mock and scorn

His righteous standards and His precepts

The words by which we live?

Is the watchman not required

At the time of war to give

A cry of dire alarm

Regarding danger at the gate?

Is the prophet not sent to warn the sinner

Before it is too late

To repent of his iniquities

To seek the face of God

To cleanse the blood-stained hands

And pursue what’s truly good

Not according to our ways

In which we perish when we stray

But according to the will of God

Who guides us in the Way

If we humbly put off stubbornness

And seek to walk with Him

Who gives a keener vision

To the eyes that once were dim?

What is love, if not obedience?

What is God, if not the Truth?

And if not used in righteousness

What is our judgment worth?


Heaven and Earth

Riding along on a soaring cloud

At dawn and at midday

Facing down with arms spread wide

Titanic heart beating away

Watching all the world go by

The dancing rivers plunging

Over time-carved cliffs of stone

Casting billows of mist on high

From pristine pools below

And painting rainbows on the sky

Embellishing the sylvan scene

With countless hues of unspoiled green

Lilies floating on quiet lakes

Under the eyes of loons and drakes

Smelling and tasting all the good

Of Paradise’s perfect wood

But as the dusk comes on again

And daytime’s pigments all run dry

He takes a different brush, and then

Paints new sunsets on the sky

As darkness falls upon the earth

He calls the creatures of the night

To go abroad and spread their mirth

Coyote’s howls and owls in flight

That hoot or screech to one’s delight

The night breezes blowing through the bowers

That sweetly sing through evening’s hours

Their gentle magic lullaby

And lying down upon his back

He dusts off the heavenly dome

So the moon and a million stars

Illuminate our earthly home

Reminding all that, though we stray

His will is that we all obey

Just as the earth and heavens do

His perfect will and perfect way

He calls each star by its own name

And for each child He does the same

Speaking to us from up above

His message of undying love

But if His voice we long to hear

And humbly ask Him to come near

He enters then into the heart

He whispers then into the ear

He opens then the failing eyes

That then discern the truth from lies

And strengthens then the failing hands

To do as perfect love commands

He longs for nothing in return

But that each child of God should yearn

To be as perfect as is He

To serve for all eternity

The Law of Love in holiness

Given by the perfect King

Who wishes for eternity

To give his children everything



Humans are pathetic creatures

Marked by such inhuman features,

Follies, faults, pride, and dementia,

Phobias and vain pretension,

Egotism, envy, meanness,

Every sort of base uncleanness,

Hypocrisy beyond all measure,

Given to sadistic pleasure,

Apathetic and neurotic,

Often border on psychotic,

Wrathful, petty, so unfeeling,

Dishonest, false, and double-dealing,

Cynical and ever mocking,

Excelling at whatever’s shocking,

Always willing to deceive,

New depths of evil to achieve,

Disloyal, disingenuous,

Of any good incredulous.

But though they cause the heart to freeze,

God gave his Son for such as these.



When I was born

I was very, very small,

But eventually I grew,

Until I became of

The size you see today,

Within an inch or two.

I started out

As a tiny, puny thing,

Not much bigger than a baby,

But then I developed

All the properties of men,

Until I became one – maybe.

They say we mature

As we age and grow,

To reflect human dignity,

But I think babies are

By far more civilized,

While adults are a tragedy.

In sum and effect

The affairs of men

Seem degraded and insane,

Which is why we are told that,

If we would be saved,

                                              We must be like a child again.

Just Christians?

If just Christians gave just 50 cents per day to feed the starving, starvation would be eradicated immediately. (That would cover 10 cents in administrative and other costs not directly related to the cost of meals.)  This makes me feel frustrated and angry. For such a small sum, we could literally transform the world. But we do not take seriously the scriptures that tell us to feed the needy.

This is in no sense a simplification. Multiplying 40 cents/day times 2 billion Christians gives us $800 million/day, which is enough to provide a meal per day to every one of the starving who are on the verge of death.

This does not mean to lump all into the same basket. Of course there are many who do contribute. However, there is no way to ignore the 15 million children who each year die from starvation. If only Christians gave the necessary sum, they could do so easily. If all people of any religion who had enough gave a modest amount, just by virtue of this miracle alone, the world would have become a different place.

What would it take to convince you to give $1/day to feed just one starving widow or child? What would it take to convince Christians to do what the Bible clearly has told them to do? The Hebrew scriptures also contain clear instructions to care for the poor. Why then is starvation rampant? One of the principles of Islam covers giving to the poor. Easily half of the population of Earth claim to adhere to one of the three religions we have mentioned; so why is starvation an issue?

What will it take for us to adhere to the principles in which we claim to believe? Don’t we understand that our opulent lifestyles convict us of hypocrisy? Don’t we understand that we will stand before God, who will require us to give an account of our bad decisions. Or do we simply not care? Do we even give a passing thought to the many thousands who each day succumb to the debilitating and degenerative effects of starvation? Do we have such little regard for humanity, or is our own humanity so lacking, that 50 cents/day seems like too great a sacrifice?

Think also of the moral revolution that could be carried out for 50 cents/day. Think of the series of changes that would take place in international and interfaith relations, if by collaborating in the immeasurably worthy cause of ending starvation, the goal were achieved. Think of the example we would set for our friends, our enemies, our children, and posterity, for just the cost of….what? What would you have to give up in order to contribute 50 cents/day? Anything?

Think of God, of his pleasure in you for having done the right thing, for being obedient, for caring enough to feed those He loves.

Think of your own conscience and soul. Couldn’t you stand to feel better about yourself? Or have you done enough, so that a few million deaths per year do not bother you? Remember that we make the world what it is.

I cannot believe that we can not achieve this. I believe that we can end starvation. I believe that you are going to do your part. I believe that, if you knew what to do, you would do it. Start by believing and we will take it from there.