Just Sent to the IRS

5701 Forrest Street Hollywood, FL 33021
IRS Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 2508 Cincinnati, OH 45201
Employer Identification Number: 61-1690482
I received your notice dated March 12, 2013, informing me that I could expect to be contacted within 90 days of the date of that notice. However, now that almost seven months have passed, I felt the need to contact you to inquire with respect to the processing of the application for federal tax exempt status.
Please inform me as to whether I can now expect to be contacted imminently, and whether there is anything I might do expedite the processing.
I ask you to consider that the directors of the foundation do not receive salaries for their efforts, and that the foundation will continue to strive to funnel as close to 100% of the contributions received toward services as humanly possible.
Thank you for your attention.
David L. Rosenthal
Telephone: 954-851-3127