Fundraising Letter


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Dear Friend,

Although close to half the world population is either Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, and although the scriptures of these people mandate caring for and assisting the poor, many millions of children die of starvation every year. End Starvation Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(C)3 public charity, has fixed the goal of once and for all putting an end to starvation, according to the expectations expressed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:31-46. which we will do if you collaborate to do what God has mandated.

Starvation is the one plague that exists only because we allow it to persist. If you find this to be unacceptable, be assured that we share your sentiment, and so have dedicated ourselves to the eradication of starvation. No elusive cure needs to be researched in order to find a way to reach the goal. The cure is to care. Together, we can achieve it.

For one dollar a day, you can provide enough food and drinking water to keep one person alive indefinitely. End Starvation Foundation means to funnel donations from those who care to those who need it, and cannot provide for themselves, without accepting any payment for doing the work that God has given us to do.

We intend to drill water wells in areas where water is scarce, as well as to provide drip-irrigation technology to be used by those who at this time are unable to cultivate food crops due to lack of water for irrigation. This should put an end to starvation in many places.

In other places, children die who have been abandoned, or whose parents have died from disease. We intend to make donations to groups dedicated to feeding those orphans, as well as widows, elderly, and others who are unable to provide for themselves.

Political conditions contribute to the problem in other areas, where creative solutions will have to be tailored to address the specific set of conditions that prevail in each case.

The foundation also means to create an annuity fund to pay for day-to-day operations of the foundation from the interest accrued from it. In this way, we expect to be able to tell all donors in the near future that 100% of their contributions will go directly to fund the work of the foundation, and none to administrative costs.

We honor your donations, the people for whom you donate, and the purpose for which you donate. We who administer the foundation will not abuse your trust, nor abandon the needy. We will accept no salary for our work, and no remuneration, except for payment of the normal expenses incurred in doing what we have to do to advance the purpose of ending starvation. There will be no luxurious accommodations, no first-class travel, no expensive restaurants, no retirement funds, and no misuse of that over which we are stewards.

We are not the answer to this ongoing tragedy. You are the answer, if you care. With your money and our collaboration, we can end starvation, the slow torturous death that now afflicts more than 800 million human beings whom God loves. The cure is to care. Do you care?

If you care, work with us to achieve the goal. And God will bless you.

Whether you can only give $1 a day or provide a $1 million trust fund to support the day-to-day operations, your donation matters. Search your heart, and do what you can. Every donation really does matter. The cure is to care. The cure is in our heart.

It is as simple as this: If we give, they live. I am asking you on behalf of those who are dying, give what you are able.

All the best,

David L. Rosenthal


Feeding the Hungry is Linked to Salvation

Jesus Christ said that few find the way to life, and that most go down the wide path to condemnation. So if you value your soul, and if you care about whether you spend eternity in a state of blessing or not, you should take the teaching of Christ seriously. Some just want to be mollycoddled, as though they had forever to make up their mind to adapt their way of life to God’s standards. But we do not have forever. The apostle Paul warned that today is the day of salvation. We have no guarantee of tomorrow. So if you have heard the message of the gospel, you need to take it seriously. Because your response to it will affect your eternal condition.
Are you saved because you call yourself a Christian? Not at all. I recently read a statement that correctly says that being in a church does not make you a Christian any more than being in a garage makes you a car. There are plenty of people in churches who disagree with the doctrine of Christ. And there are plenty of preachers who preach lies, falsehood, error, or confusion. This is what Christ and the apostles warned would happen, and it is obviously what is happening. Denominations, divisions, contradictions of the gospel, and different gospels are proof of it.
Are you offended? Many are, when it is insinuated that their standing with God may be in danger. They tend to quote snippets of scripture to defend the idea that they are fine because they are in Christ. Unfortunately, if you are not in obedience, you are not in Christ. Period. If you think that claiming to be in Christ is equivalent to being in Christ, you are deluded. Some become offended because someone like me is the one who tells them these things. But God’s word tells us to warn those who need to adapt to God’s will. It is my job to warn you.
I could be politically correct, like so many others who show up smiling and happy at the gathering of the church, where men who defy God teach what contradicts his word. But then I would be guilty of your blood. No thank you. I prefer to do my job and save my soul.
If you want to save yours, open your Bible, and corroborate whether what you are being taught at church services is what God says in his word. Your eternal salvation depends on it. Ignorance is not bliss, but leads to hell. If you call yourself a Christian, according to God’s word it means that you do not belong to yourself, must continue faithfully to follow Christ in obedience, and will be persecuted if you do so, possibly to death.
Preachers like to preach that the church will be removed from Earth before the tribulation, but Christ taught that his followers will be persecuted, some killed, and must be faithful through it to the end in order to be saved. So do not depend on a rapture to keep you from persecution, and when your pastor teaches that Christians will depart in the Rapture before the tribulation, show him how he is contradicting the words of Christ spoken in Matthew 24.
As already said, there are plenty of people in churches who have not agreed with the doctrine of Christ. Some of the teachings of Christ are a bit harder to grasp than others, but some are so clear that no possibility exists of misinterpreting them. Matthew 25:31-46, for example is so clear. However, even though there are close to 2 billion who claim to believe in Christ, hundreds of millions barely subsist on the edge of starvation, while millions die of starvation each year. In my opinion, this is damning proof against the Christian establishment.
Many will say that it is so much more important to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ so that the lost might be saved by turning to God. But the fact that they seem to overlook is that Christ commanded that we teach them not only the gospel but also to obey all that he commanded. Those were his final words on Earth before ascending to Heaven. And the words he spoke in Matthew 25:31-46 are ignored by so many Christians. So how can they be saved, while they continue to disobey Christ?
So are you saved? If so, then act like it. Christ said, If you love me keep my commandments. He did not say that you have the freedom to proceed however you wish, with the security of a future in Paradise. He said, Keep my commandments. If you read the word, you will see plenty of passages where believers in Christ are warned to repent of sin.


As it happens, I am the president of the foundation. The only reason that I am the illustrious president of the foundation is because I incorporated it and recruited the directors. But the goal is not to become something prestigious or powerful. The goal is to organize a system under which meeting the expectations of Jesus Christ can be facilitated, so that the world will become full of the light that he sent us to preach and to be.

In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus taught very clearly what it is that defines sheep and goats, which in large part has to do with whether each of them chose to assist the hungry with food and the thisrty with water, and related issues. Jesus clearly stated there that those who ignore the needy will pay for it with their souls.
This is not an agreeable teaching to some who like to say that we do not need to do a thing to be saved. But Jesus said what he said. And also in John 5, Jesus said this: “28 Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice 29 and come forth—those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation.” So it makes sense to me that you should be interested in reevaluating what you have been told before about this issue as your soul’s eternal welfare depends on it.
But despite that I happen now to be the president of this foundation, the goal cannot be met without the massive collaboration of thousands upon thousands who are smarter and more dedicated than me. I am setting the ball to rolling, but only so that before I die, someone else will take my place who can inspire others to do what we should do. I have some good ideas, thanks to the vision that God has given me till now, as well as to the suggestions of others, but no one seems to listen to me. I guess I am too obnoxious or something. Besides that I am already on the verge of the abyss, if you will, as the men in my family tend to die earlier than most.
The foundation needs leadership and faithful collaborators who are willing to do as Christ commands. I will be setting up a fundraising campaign in the near future, and speaking with certain others to plan a strategy for advancing the work of the foundation. I intend to do this for the rest of my life. But I also know that the success of the work does not depend on me. It depends on all of us.
Please review the website and pray about whether this work is something to which you could dedicate some of your time and talent. It is what Christ has said we should do. He said we should preach the gospel, but also that we should teach them to do ALL that he commanded, which very clearly includes striving to help those who are starving to death. What better way to be light than to extend this love to the most needy?


END STARVATION FOUNDATION, INC received an approval letter today from the U.S. Treasury Department, stating that the foundation is now approved as a tax-exempt 501(C)3 public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. We will be planning a fundraing campaign in the coming days to finance the initial projects of the foundation on behalf of the starving people of the world, in obedience to the expectations expressed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:31-46. Please view the website at, and pray for God’s guidance and our success.