I sometimes think about how easy it would be to end starvation, if any one of several possible scenarios were set in motion. But the sad fact is that no one has been able to convince the people who could make the vital difference to take the simple steps that could be taken to end starvation without much ado or sacrifice. And it also occurred to me just now that the agenda of the New World Order is opposed to ending starvation, so those in power would not permit it, even if those who could make the difference all agreed to collaborate to end it. The power elite want us dead. That is evident. I can accept that. What I cannot seem to accept is that those who could make the vital difference that would end starvation remain largely apathetic to the fact that millions die each year at the end of a slow and torturous process of chronic malnutrition that takes their lives as we look on. I am still a bit ashamed, perhaps, that it took me until the age of 55 to realize that Jesus Christ and God really expect us to take the needs of the starving seriously, and to feed them according to our ability. I am ashamed, even though it should have been the responsibility of the many pastors I have known to point that out to me, because I had read Matthew 25:31-46 several times before, but had not had the sense to understand it.
I am ashamed of people, in general, who know that millions succumb each year to the slow process of dying from starvation, but do nothing to help. I am ashamed of the ones who think we should only help Americans. I am ashamed of the ones who think they are in bad shape when, by the standards of the Third World, they are almost princes. I am ashamed of the government of the United States, which could end starvation by utilizing the equivalent of 1% of its defense budget to assist subsistence farmers to change their circumstances. I am ashamed of the 1,400 billionaires who on their own could eradicate starvation without having to give up being billionaires. I am ashamed of the billion people in the world who could sacrifice so little and achieve that same end. I am ashamed that I live in a world where millions die each year who die only because people allow starvation to persist while it is only their apathy or inertia that permits it to persist, since enough resources exist to end it. I do not know what else to do. I can only speak up and hope that others will see what I see, and that they will want to do the simple things that are possible that would end starvation. www.endstarvation.net/