Statement of Intent of the Directors of End Starvation Foundation

Having agreed to participate in the process of ending starvation worldwide, which we understand will necessitate massive collaboration among many people who will contribute what they are able to the cause of ending starvation, we wish to emit this declaration of intent with respect to contributions that pass through our hands for this cause.
All contributions to the cause of ending starvation that are made to End Starvation Foundation will be treated with the utmost respect, as they are not made to us for our personal use, but only entrusted to us for use in carrying out the goal of ending starvation worldwide.
As such, they do not at any time belong to us, but are placed in our care for disposition in accord with the published goals of the foundation.
As such, they are the property of the starving people of the world for whose benefit the contributions were made.
For this reason, we will strive to the utmost never to dispose of them in any manner not consistent with the goals of the foundation.
For this reason, we will never use these funds to enrich ourselves, but only to cover the necessary expenditures that must be made in the course of carrying out the goals of the foundation.
For this reason, we will honor the people for whom these contributions are made, as well as the people who contribute, and the God of righteousness who has enlightened us to do this work.
David L. Rosenthal, for the Board of Directors September 15, 2013

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