I just contracted with a new publisher to publish Lies of the Shepherds, as the last publisher closed their English division. I was asked by the new publisher to write a short bio of 200 words or less. That is not so easy. I have written a first draft of 650 words. It probably won’t be the final draft, but I will post it for your information, as the public has a right to know.


I was born into a Reformed Jewish family descended from Eastern European Jews from the Ukraine, Romania, and Germany. So you know right off that I must be neurotic and standoffish. But thanks to God and Jesus Christ I have evolved into something almost palatable, especially so in the last few years, when God has worked in me to produce someone I could almost live with. The doctors say that, if I continue to behave, they will let me out at night. But that could be a mistake. In any case, to my Latin friends, I am a North American. To North Americans, I am a Jew, to Jews, I am a heretic. To heretics, I am crazy. And the crazies want nothing to do with me. Call me whatever you wish, but whatever you call me, don’t call me late for dinner.

I lived in Yonkers for half my life and now live in South Florida. I lived in Cali, Colombia for seven and a half months, and spent six weeks in Guayaquil, teaching English to lovely people who mistakenly thought I was qualified. I worked last for the United States Postal Service, from which I retired in 1996 on a disability which appears in the official paperwork as: “I am unable to tolerate harassment in the workplace.” (That would be a whole book by itself, if I could ever write it.)

I began to believe in Christ very early. The first time I learned of him was when I was seven, and was playing with children in the street. A man of perhaps 40 approached us with religious tracts, and told me that if at any time I was about to die, I should call on the name of Jesus. That left an impression. My own family never spoke that name, except passingly, in whispers, almost, and hastily changing the subject. But as a teenager, I began to read the scriptures, and at 23 declared a belief in Christ, and was baptized at an Assembly of God church that no longer exists on East 21st Street in Hialeah, Florida. That began an odd odyssey of twists and turns through a variety of Christian denominations, disparate doctrines, and repeated disappointments in discovery that the teaching did not conform to God’s word. I also strayed and became entangled in worldly nonsense for many years. But after bringing my attention to rest firmly on my absolute dependence on God, through a process during which I was practically rendered a madman, God saved me and made of me what you have today: a man who knows that there is nothing better in Heaven or on Earth than to be united with the Spirit of God and Jesus Christ, who in short order will bring the madness of mankind to an end with the advent of the kingdom of God.

Three years ago, God showed me that He is very serious about what Christ spoke in Matthew 25:31-46, and so I have incorporated, with the help of friends, a 501(C)3 public charity, which we intend to develop in order to do God’s will, called End Starvation Foundation. You could read about it at www.endstarvation.net/. And about a year and a half ago, He gave me the book Lies of the Shepherds, in connection with which I have produced this bio.

We who believe in Christ are all called to be his ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20), and to grow into a ministry in connection with the interests of his kingdom (Ephesians 4:11-16). That may not be your present, but I pray that it will be in your immediate future, so that out paths will conjoin to result in unity in God and Christ. Lies of the Shepherds means to clarify the truth of God’s word, to facilitate our mutual conformation and adaptation to God’s will, resulting in eternal blessing in God and Christ.

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