I am still awaiting word from the Internal Revenue Service with regard to the application filed four months ago for tax-exempt status for End Starvation Foundation. I decided not to go forward with fundraising efforts, until receiving a final status decision from the IRS, so all is in suspended animation.
I also submitted a book manuscript to a publisher fo…r review, and await a response on that, hoping that the book will be published, and become a dramatically lucrative commercial success, in order to fund the administrative/day-to-day costs of the foundation. But whether it does become a commercial success or not, I still want everyone to read it.
The foundation is a result of understanding that God’s will includes feeding those who cannot feed themselves, which I was fortunate to learn, finally, when one day the meaning of Matthew 25 became clear to me. The book is intended to clarify other issues that obscure the truth within the church of Christ, and also has a chapter that deals with doing God’s will.
What makes me think that I am qualified to speak for God? The scriptures say that all in the body of Christ are called to participate in ministry, and are called to be ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through them: imploring all on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God. I may be the worst qualified in this regard, but I want to do God’s will, which also means that I must reach out to those who need to hear his message.
I want to reach out to spread the message of Christ, registered in Matthew 25:31-46, because that is what we should be paying attention to, but which too many are ignoring. I know that too many are ignoring it, since if we were not, the world would not be the place that it is. Those who believe in Jesus Christ are meant to be light. Jesus said that his followers are the light of the world, and we could be light, if we paid closer attention to what he expects us to do in the world.
We can disagree among ourselves about this doctrine or that doctrine, but if we are not doing what he said we should do, we are not being light. And if we are not being light, we are being darkness. What will happen to my book and what will happen with the foundation? I do not know. I am awaiting God’s direction and blessing.
But whatever happens to them, the greater question is what are you going to do to comply with the expectations of Jesus Christ? If you are a follower of Christ, he has a ministry for you. Pay attention. We are supposed to be light.

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