MATTHEW 25:31-46

Hundreds of millions of people are sighing
Because they have little to eat
But some people think they are merely not trying
And have given in to defeat
But hundreds of millions don’t have what’s required
For them to produce enough crops
So millions of them each year have expired
As no one the dark famine stops

Resources and technology in abundance
Exist now to end the starvation
But according to international pundits
They don’t have enough information
About how to end the now rampant plague
That is taking lives here and there
It’s truly amazing they can be so vague
Since quite simply, the cure is to care

The famine’s a plague that only exists
Sine we allow it to persist
But as Jesus Christ said, he clearly expects
His people the plague to resist
By providing what’s needed to those in distress
Who cannot provide on their own
But some an opposing opinion express
Who don’t care what Jesus has shown

It appears that so many just simply don’t care
Who have all that they need and much more
But say that to judge them I shouldn’t dare
Yet I ask, what are they waiting for?
Do they not understand that their own wellbeing
Depends on their willingness to
Comply with the words of Christ, who is pleading
For them to do as they should do?

In Proverbs, the Lord says that those who hear
The cry of the poor, but don’t care
Will be subject themselves to need and to fear
But their help won’t be found anywhere
I continue to ask you, since that is my task
To do what you can for the poor
As Christ himself said you should do as he asked
Or the blame he will lay at your door

No one can make you do what you just won’t
But the consequence Christ has made clear
If you still don’t want to comply, then just don’t
But remember when you must appear
Before the Messiah who will separate
The sheep from the goats on that day
That if then you repent, it will have come too late
And Messiah will send you away

God Shows You What You Need to See

God shows you what you need to see. It is your job to pay attention. Some folks say that God is not real. Others say that God is all around us, all the time, visible in everything. If you think God is not real, you have a lot to learn. But you can be transformed from an atheist to a believer in a moment. I know that this is so because it is what happened to me. But that is not the end of the trail. It is just the beginning. People who believe that faith in God is all they need, and that nothing is required of them, have a lot to learn. Faith is the jumping off point for the journey into obedience that we are asked to take.

God is in control, but we are told that we are God’s fellow workers. Fellow workers? Workers? You mean, we have to do stuff? Ouch! Where does it say we are to be workers? Go to Do a search for “fellow workers” in the New King James Version. (In other translations, you could try “fellow labourers” or “fellow work-men”.)

We are God’s fellow workers, indeed. We are given the free gift of salvation, if we are obedient. We must be faithful to the end. But we were created for good works, according to Ephesians 2:10. And found in the 7th chapter of the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus Christ said the following:

24 “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: 25 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.

26 “But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: 27 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”

He is telling you to do as he indicates you should do. He is telling you to put his teachings into practice. And he is warning that, if you fail to do so, your end will not be salvation but disaster.

He also said, “If you love me keep my commandments.” So if you fail to obey his commandments, do you love him? And if you do not love him, whom or what do you love?

He said that those who wish to follow him must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow him. That means that we who wish to follow him must be obedient, not rebellious, apathetic, or self-willed.

It takes a lot of careful attention to the Spirit to continue to be led by the Spirit. But you can do it. You can choose to follow obediently. It might mean adapting your life to his will, but you can do it.

We all need wisdom to make the right choices. Do you have the wisdom you need? James says that all you have to do to get this wisdom is to ask God for it (James 1:5). Ask Him daily.

Don’t wait. Time is short.


I sometimes think about how easy it would be to end starvation, if any one of several possible scenarios were set in motion. But the sad fact is that no one has been able to convince the people who could make the vital difference to take the simple steps that could be taken to end starvation without much ado or sacrifice. And it also occurred to me just now that the agenda of the New World Order is opposed to ending starvation, so those in power would not permit it, even if those who could make the difference all agreed to collaborate to end it. The power elite want us dead. That is evident. I can accept that. What I cannot seem to accept is that those who could make the vital difference that would end starvation remain largely apathetic to the fact that millions die each year at the end of a slow and torturous process of chronic malnutrition that takes their lives as we look on. I am still a bit ashamed, perhaps, that it took me until the age of 55 to realize that Jesus Christ and God really expect us to take the needs of the starving seriously, and to feed them according to our ability. I am ashamed, even though it should have been the responsibility of the many pastors I have known to point that out to me, because I had read Matthew 25:31-46 several times before, but had not had the sense to understand it.
I am ashamed of people, in general, who know that millions succumb each year to the slow process of dying from starvation, but do nothing to help. I am ashamed of the ones who think we should only help Americans. I am ashamed of the ones who think they are in bad shape when, by the standards of the Third World, they are almost princes. I am ashamed of the government of the United States, which could end starvation by utilizing the equivalent of 1% of its defense budget to assist subsistence farmers to change their circumstances. I am ashamed of the 1,400 billionaires who on their own could eradicate starvation without having to give up being billionaires. I am ashamed of the billion people in the world who could sacrifice so little and achieve that same end. I am ashamed that I live in a world where millions die each year who die only because people allow starvation to persist while it is only their apathy or inertia that permits it to persist, since enough resources exist to end it. I do not know what else to do. I can only speak up and hope that others will see what I see, and that they will want to do the simple things that are possible that would end starvation.

Business Plan for End Starvation Foundation Inc

Business Plan for End Starvation Foundation Inc

End Starvation Foundation Inc
PO Box 5996
Hollywood, FL 33083

David L. Rosenthal, founder and president.

Telephone: (954) 851-3127

Email address:

Mission Statement:

End Starvation Foundation intends to eradicate starvation worldwide. Nearly 850 million people live in conditions that barely allow them to subsist. Every year, millions of people succumb to a long, drawn out process of slow starvation due to chronic lack of food.

Starvation is not a mysterious disease the cure for which needs to be discovered. Starvation is the one plague that persists only because we allow it to persist. The cure is to care. Enough resources exist already to end starvation. In order to end starvation, those resources need to reach the hands of those who are dying.

Executive Summary:

David L. Rosenthal is a retired US Postal Service letter carrier who went out on disability a few years ago. David is now living in Hollywood, Florida with his lovely wife, Josefina. About 2 ½ years ago, at age 55, David became aware that millions of people starve to death each year simply because available resources are not dedicated to ending starvation, and that eradication of starvation is a very real possibility.

He has concluded that combining water wells with drip irrigation equipment is the best way to reduce starvation by a great deal, as this would enable subsistence farmers to produce sufficient quantities of food crops through use of drip irrigation technology. He has started a non profit foundation called End Starvation Foundation, which has a website at He wants to obtain funding so that he can purchase these systems for installation in communities that would benefit from them, pay for training in installing, using, and maintaining drip irrigation systems, and drill deep water wells that communities suffering from chronic lack of food can use in combination with these systems to produce sufficient food crops to subsist at levels superior to current levels. He feels that the more systems that can be installed, the more lives will be saved. In addition, assistance will also be provided to communities that, for various reasons, are unable to provide for themselves. In essence, his non profit organization will change lives and transform the world, and change the lifestyles of underdeveloped countries forever, as well as transforming the conscience of the international community with respect to the attitudes of Americans and relationships between Americans and those of other nationalities, increasing the chance for peace and international collaboration on various levels.

He is interested in crowd funding and grantmaking, and this end will be pursued, as well as utilizing mass mailings and personal appeals to raise funds. Research will be conducted into locating nonprofit grants and, to a lesser degree, loans. Research will be conducted into locating small business grants and, to a lesser extent, loans. Research will be conducted into locating private donors, private foundations and corporate assistance. Research will be conducted into locating funding from the City of Hollywood, the County of Broward, the State of Florida and the Federal Government.

Operational Plan:

End Starvation Foundation intends to eradicate starvation worldwide by addressing the various causes of starvation in different regions and designing approaches to meet the needs of the local communities in those regions.

In some places, climatic and geological conditions prevent the production of sufficient food crops to sustain the local communities. But technology exists that could transform their lives by facilitating the production of food crops. End Starvation Foundation means to provide technology, equipment, provisions, and training to local communities, so that they will become self-sufficient in the cultivation of food crops.

Starvation also occurs where populations are forced to flee conflict zones where normal living becomes impossible. Wars and insurrections create large numbers of refugees who are unable to remain near their normal sources of food, or where these sources are destroyed in the conflict. End Starvation Foundation means to provide support to refugee populations.

In some regions, large numbers of young orphans lose their parents to such diseases as AIDS, as well as to conflicts. Others, such as elderly, widows with children, and the sick or disabled, are also suffering chronic malnutrition. End Starvation Foundation means to provide support to these, as well.

Each of us is capable of giving a little to end starvation. It is not necessary to go out of our way to find enough to give. Enough of us have sufficient surplus to contribute something, even if only a small amount. And a small amount from each of us is enough to end starvation. But in order to give that small amount, each of us must first care. That is why we say: The Cure is to care. If we give, they live. It is as simple as that.

Very little happens without money. With enough money, all that must be done to eradicate starvation could be done. So the first steps in the process of ending starvation include raising funds and raising public awareness of the terrible toll of starvation throughout Asia, Africa, and Central America. In the time it takes to have lunch more than a thousand people die of starvation. A national fundraising program can achieve these two goals.

The fundraising campaign will involve purchase of mailing lists of persons and organizations likely to contribute to such an endeavor, preparation of brochures and letters, and postage to mail them. Initially, most of the task could be handled by David, with hiring of part-time and/or temporary assistants as the need arose.

In addition, phone calls will be made to corporations, non-governmental organizations, private institutions, religious organizations, et cetera, to inform them of the existence and mission of the foundation, and to solicit support and collaboration.

The foundation is based in South Florida. A small office space is needed to run a fundraising operation and to recruit future foundation personnel, fundraisers, technicians, volunteers, and leadership. The intention is to find a small storefront located on a main drive in a less affluent neighborhood, where the monthly rental cost would be low, while daily exposure to passing traffic would be high. From there, a massive fundraising campaign would begin that would contribute to funding the programs of the foundation.

While fundraising is taking place, communications would be carried out with existing and new contacts, and areas of need would be designated for introduction of services.

The initial focus of services will be to develop the agricultural productivity of communities in regions affected by lack of water and arid terrain. The plan is to identify communities in need, and to drill deep water wells that these communities could combine with drip irrigation technology in order to increase their production of food crops in a relatively short time period. Besides wells, the communities would be provided with training, equipment, supplies, and storage facilities. These would all be provided free of charge to the communities chosen.

Local authorities and civic leaders would be contacted beforehand in order to negotiate such issues as ownership of facilities and equipment, construction of storage warehousing for equipment, maintenance supplies, and other provisions needed for agriculture, and conditions that would need to be agreed to prior to provision of services, such as that all members of the local population in need would be included in the programs, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof.

Once the process of moving forward in this area of service became ironed out to a degree, and as fundraising developed, additional services would be initiated, such as provision of funds and or food products to communities in need who could not produce food at all for a period of time, such as refuge centers or institutions that care for widows, orphans, elderly, and disabled people who cannot support themselves.

In certain areas where local populations are prevented from obtaining food by their political rivals, it is speculated that airdrops might be able to alleviate the suffering until other solutions are able to be employed.

While all of the aforementioned takes place, grant searches will remain ongoing. Due to the large number of people in need, in order to achieve the final goal of eradication of starvation, a great deal of money will be required.

The officers and directors of the foundation are not to receive any salary or remuneration, except for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

The foundation’s directors consider it a useful idea to establish an annuity fund, the interest from which would provide the funds to pay for the expenses of the foundation, such as fundraising costs, office rental and associated expenses, travel expenses, and other routine administrative costs. Once such a fund were in place, potential contributors could then be assured that 100% of their contributions would be used directly for the stated goals of the foundation, while the administrative costs would be covered by the interest from the annuity fund, which would remain in perpetuity for that purpose.

It goes without saying that the achievement of the stated goals will require massive collaboration from a network of people and organizations that would need to be developed as the process of moving forward takes place. Under the best of circumstances, years would pass before the goals were substantially met. The intention is to raise public awareness of the ongoing tragedy of the unnecessary deaths of so many people whom God loves; of the benefits of putting an end to starvation, not only for those who fall victim to it, but for those who collaborate to put an end to it; and of the fact that it is possible to end starvation; while developing a collaborative network that will achieve the goal. We can end starvation. The cure is to care.


Office personnel may be required to assist with fundraising operations, bookkeeping, and public relations, as public interest and support grows. Initially, temporary staff will probably be enough to handle tasks during the early stage of development. An accountant will be contracted to do the necessary financial accounting.

As financial and network development proceeds, communications will be under way with foreign contacts to consult on various issues, such as conditions prevailing in designated areas of need, licenses and permits required in those areas, contractors available for various tasks, such as installation of well heads and construction of storage facilities, where not already available, and decisions will be made regarding prioritizing sites for development. Once the storage facilities are prepared, equipment supplies, and Other necessary steps will then be taken to prepare the groundwork for moving forward, which steps will become apparent as inquiries and preparations are made in each case.

Once sufficient funds have been received to initiate a program of services, contracts/declarations will be drawn up according to the need and advisability in each situation encountered, and ground broken to provide the community with the agricultural infrastructure its conditions call for. Also, depending on the case, either local personnel will be transferred to training at an existing training center in the technology or, if more convenient, training personnel will be brought to the local community to provide training on site.


David L. Rosenthal will initially be responsible for all management of the operation of the foundation, in consultation with the directors. He is bilingual, speaking and writing English and Spanish. He has a couple of years of experience as a supervisor of valet parking, over a workforce sometimes reaching 15 employees, for Kinney Parking Systems, in Miami-Dade, Florida, from 1987 to 1988. He is keenly aware of the necessity of recruiting new blood into the organization, with enthusiasm for its mission and managerial ability.

The Latest

The IRS has approved the tax-exempt status of the foundation. Now we begin the process of searching for money to implement the programs to end starvation.

I am doing grants searches and appealing to friends and others for support. It is slow going, but we have some support already.

I am writing a Business Plan, which is often required in order to apply for grants. You can read it here on a separate page.

If you cannot give money, give prayer.

Fundraising Letter


P.O BOX 5996

Hollywood, FL 33083

Dear Friend,

Although close to half the world population is either Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, and although the scriptures of these people mandate caring for and assisting the poor, many millions of children die of starvation every year. End Starvation Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(C)3 public charity, has fixed the goal of once and for all putting an end to starvation, according to the expectations expressed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:31-46. which we will do if you collaborate to do what God has mandated.

Starvation is the one plague that exists only because we allow it to persist. If you find this to be unacceptable, be assured that we share your sentiment, and so have dedicated ourselves to the eradication of starvation. No elusive cure needs to be researched in order to find a way to reach the goal. The cure is to care. Together, we can achieve it.

For one dollar a day, you can provide enough food and drinking water to keep one person alive indefinitely. End Starvation Foundation means to funnel donations from those who care to those who need it, and cannot provide for themselves, without accepting any payment for doing the work that God has given us to do.

We intend to drill water wells in areas where water is scarce, as well as to provide drip-irrigation technology to be used by those who at this time are unable to cultivate food crops due to lack of water for irrigation. This should put an end to starvation in many places.

In other places, children die who have been abandoned, or whose parents have died from disease. We intend to make donations to groups dedicated to feeding those orphans, as well as widows, elderly, and others who are unable to provide for themselves.

Political conditions contribute to the problem in other areas, where creative solutions will have to be tailored to address the specific set of conditions that prevail in each case.

The foundation also means to create an annuity fund to pay for day-to-day operations of the foundation from the interest accrued from it. In this way, we expect to be able to tell all donors in the near future that 100% of their contributions will go directly to fund the work of the foundation, and none to administrative costs.

We honor your donations, the people for whom you donate, and the purpose for which you donate. We who administer the foundation will not abuse your trust, nor abandon the needy. We will accept no salary for our work, and no remuneration, except for payment of the normal expenses incurred in doing what we have to do to advance the purpose of ending starvation. There will be no luxurious accommodations, no first-class travel, no expensive restaurants, no retirement funds, and no misuse of that over which we are stewards.

We are not the answer to this ongoing tragedy. You are the answer, if you care. With your money and our collaboration, we can end starvation, the slow torturous death that now afflicts more than 800 million human beings whom God loves. The cure is to care. Do you care?

If you care, work with us to achieve the goal. And God will bless you.

Whether you can only give $1 a day or provide a $1 million trust fund to support the day-to-day operations, your donation matters. Search your heart, and do what you can. Every donation really does matter. The cure is to care. The cure is in our heart.

It is as simple as this: If we give, they live. I am asking you on behalf of those who are dying, give what you are able.

All the best,

David L. Rosenthal


Feeding the Hungry is Linked to Salvation

Jesus Christ said that few find the way to life, and that most go down the wide path to condemnation. So if you value your soul, and if you care about whether you spend eternity in a state of blessing or not, you should take the teaching of Christ seriously. Some just want to be mollycoddled, as though they had forever to make up their mind to adapt their way of life to God’s standards. But we do not have forever. The apostle Paul warned that today is the day of salvation. We have no guarantee of tomorrow. So if you have heard the message of the gospel, you need to take it seriously. Because your response to it will affect your eternal condition.
Are you saved because you call yourself a Christian? Not at all. I recently read a statement that correctly says that being in a church does not make you a Christian any more than being in a garage makes you a car. There are plenty of people in churches who disagree with the doctrine of Christ. And there are plenty of preachers who preach lies, falsehood, error, or confusion. This is what Christ and the apostles warned would happen, and it is obviously what is happening. Denominations, divisions, contradictions of the gospel, and different gospels are proof of it.
Are you offended? Many are, when it is insinuated that their standing with God may be in danger. They tend to quote snippets of scripture to defend the idea that they are fine because they are in Christ. Unfortunately, if you are not in obedience, you are not in Christ. Period. If you think that claiming to be in Christ is equivalent to being in Christ, you are deluded. Some become offended because someone like me is the one who tells them these things. But God’s word tells us to warn those who need to adapt to God’s will. It is my job to warn you.
I could be politically correct, like so many others who show up smiling and happy at the gathering of the church, where men who defy God teach what contradicts his word. But then I would be guilty of your blood. No thank you. I prefer to do my job and save my soul.
If you want to save yours, open your Bible, and corroborate whether what you are being taught at church services is what God says in his word. Your eternal salvation depends on it. Ignorance is not bliss, but leads to hell. If you call yourself a Christian, according to God’s word it means that you do not belong to yourself, must continue faithfully to follow Christ in obedience, and will be persecuted if you do so, possibly to death.
Preachers like to preach that the church will be removed from Earth before the tribulation, but Christ taught that his followers will be persecuted, some killed, and must be faithful through it to the end in order to be saved. So do not depend on a rapture to keep you from persecution, and when your pastor teaches that Christians will depart in the Rapture before the tribulation, show him how he is contradicting the words of Christ spoken in Matthew 24.
As already said, there are plenty of people in churches who have not agreed with the doctrine of Christ. Some of the teachings of Christ are a bit harder to grasp than others, but some are so clear that no possibility exists of misinterpreting them. Matthew 25:31-46, for example is so clear. However, even though there are close to 2 billion who claim to believe in Christ, hundreds of millions barely subsist on the edge of starvation, while millions die of starvation each year. In my opinion, this is damning proof against the Christian establishment.
Many will say that it is so much more important to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ so that the lost might be saved by turning to God. But the fact that they seem to overlook is that Christ commanded that we teach them not only the gospel but also to obey all that he commanded. Those were his final words on Earth before ascending to Heaven. And the words he spoke in Matthew 25:31-46 are ignored by so many Christians. So how can they be saved, while they continue to disobey Christ?
So are you saved? If so, then act like it. Christ said, If you love me keep my commandments. He did not say that you have the freedom to proceed however you wish, with the security of a future in Paradise. He said, Keep my commandments. If you read the word, you will see plenty of passages where believers in Christ are warned to repent of sin.


As it happens, I am the president of the foundation. The only reason that I am the illustrious president of the foundation is because I incorporated it and recruited the directors. But the goal is not to become something prestigious or powerful. The goal is to organize a system under which meeting the expectations of Jesus Christ can be facilitated, so that the world will become full of the light that he sent us to preach and to be.

In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus taught very clearly what it is that defines sheep and goats, which in large part has to do with whether each of them chose to assist the hungry with food and the thisrty with water, and related issues. Jesus clearly stated there that those who ignore the needy will pay for it with their souls.
This is not an agreeable teaching to some who like to say that we do not need to do a thing to be saved. But Jesus said what he said. And also in John 5, Jesus said this: “28 Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice 29 and come forth—those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation.” So it makes sense to me that you should be interested in reevaluating what you have been told before about this issue as your soul’s eternal welfare depends on it.
But despite that I happen now to be the president of this foundation, the goal cannot be met without the massive collaboration of thousands upon thousands who are smarter and more dedicated than me. I am setting the ball to rolling, but only so that before I die, someone else will take my place who can inspire others to do what we should do. I have some good ideas, thanks to the vision that God has given me till now, as well as to the suggestions of others, but no one seems to listen to me. I guess I am too obnoxious or something. Besides that I am already on the verge of the abyss, if you will, as the men in my family tend to die earlier than most.
The foundation needs leadership and faithful collaborators who are willing to do as Christ commands. I will be setting up a fundraising campaign in the near future, and speaking with certain others to plan a strategy for advancing the work of the foundation. I intend to do this for the rest of my life. But I also know that the success of the work does not depend on me. It depends on all of us.
Please review the website and pray about whether this work is something to which you could dedicate some of your time and talent. It is what Christ has said we should do. He said we should preach the gospel, but also that we should teach them to do ALL that he commanded, which very clearly includes striving to help those who are starving to death. What better way to be light than to extend this love to the most needy?


END STARVATION FOUNDATION, INC received an approval letter today from the U.S. Treasury Department, stating that the foundation is now approved as a tax-exempt 501(C)3 public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. We will be planning a fundraing campaign in the coming days to finance the initial projects of the foundation on behalf of the starving people of the world, in obedience to the expectations expressed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:31-46. Please view the website at, and pray for God’s guidance and our success.

Ending Starvation

Could the billionaires of the world instantly end starvation? There are more than 1,400 billionaires in the world. Six out of seven are Americans. If they all contributed all they had, it might not be enough to end poverty.
However, for a small portion of their fortune, 100,000 wellheads could be established, with adjoining warehousing, agricultural equipment, including drip irrigation technology, and training programs, that would in much of the world eliminate starvation, eliminate disease from contaminated water sources, and transform the globe. And billionaires would not even have to give up being billionaires to achieve this.
Of course, the United States government could achieve this on its own, with 25% of what it spends in just one year on defense. What would the image of the United States be in the world if the United States paid to put this program into effect? What would be the international impact of doing this? Is there really a good reason not to do it? If the expense were spread out over a period of ten years, it would then require only 2.5% of the yearly defense budget. But the results would transform international relations, while ending starvation worldwide.
Would doing this ceate peace on Earth? No. But it would eliminate a lot of enmity, and set the example for those who seek peace. Of course, it would not be rewarding for government contractors in industrties related to the military, or to Congressional representatives. And it would not be in line with the agenda of the New World Order.
It is, however, in line with the agenda explained by Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:31-46. So why is it not on the agenda of the churches of God? Is it selfishness or sectarianism that prevents the church from doing God’s will? How much money do churches spend promoting their particular version of doctrine, or maintaining their high-priced pastors or properties, as opposed to carrying out the function for which the church exists?