Pastors…is there a reason why you are not preaching what the scriptures say about feeding the starving widows and orphans? Is there a reason why you do not have a collection box dedicated to feeding the needy? It is God’s will that we do it. (Matthew 25:31-42)

Married people…why not sit down with your spouse and children and suggest that each of you contribute just a few cents a day to feed the starving? A family of four could each contribute 25 cents/day which would be enough to feed a straving person every day. You would do God’s will and set a great example, while uniting the family in good works. The scriptures say we were created for good works. (Ephesians 2:10, Hebrews 13:16)

Children…why not make the suggestion to your parents, and to your friends, and to your pastor? God wants us to feed the hungry. We have more than enough to do it.

If each child in a class of 30 children gave 7 cents/day of school (180 days/year), the class could feed a starving person all year long.

Christians are mainly in a state of spiritual lethargy. We need to awaken and obey Christ. If we dedicated as much to feeding the hungry as we do to going to the movies, starvation would cease to exist. But when we turn our eyes away from the needy, we disobey Christ. Do you remember what Christ said about thiose who call Him Lord,  but who do not do God’s will? (Matthew 7:21-23)

There is enough food produced already to end starvation, and enough resources to get that food into the hands of those who are dying from starvation. Don’t tell me there is nothing you can do, or that you are too busy. We both know that is not true.

Think about it. Pray about it. Talk to your friends and family about it. Awaken from spiritual stupor. Be what God wants us to be.

You want a spiritual revival? Work together to feed the hungry and watch God move.

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