Business Plan for End Starvation Foundation Inc

Business Plan for End Starvation Foundation Inc

End Starvation Foundation Inc
PO Box 5996
Hollywood, FL 33083

David L. Rosenthal, founder and president.

Telephone: (954) 851-3127

Email address:

Mission Statement:

End Starvation Foundation intends to eradicate starvation worldwide. Nearly 850 million people live in conditions that barely allow them to subsist. Every year, millions of people succumb to a long, drawn out process of slow starvation due to chronic lack of food.

Starvation is not a mysterious disease the cure for which needs to be discovered. Starvation is the one plague that persists only because we allow it to persist. The cure is to care. Enough resources exist already to end starvation. In order to end starvation, those resources need to reach the hands of those who are dying.

Executive Summary:

David L. Rosenthal is a retired US Postal Service letter carrier who went out on disability a few years ago. David is now living in Hollywood, Florida with his lovely wife, Josefina. About 2 ½ years ago, at age 55, David became aware that millions of people starve to death each year simply because available resources are not dedicated to ending starvation, and that eradication of starvation is a very real possibility.

He has concluded that combining water wells with drip irrigation equipment is the best way to reduce starvation by a great deal, as this would enable subsistence farmers to produce sufficient quantities of food crops through use of drip irrigation technology. He has started a non profit foundation called End Starvation Foundation, which has a website at He wants to obtain funding so that he can purchase these systems for installation in communities that would benefit from them, pay for training in installing, using, and maintaining drip irrigation systems, and drill deep water wells that communities suffering from chronic lack of food can use in combination with these systems to produce sufficient food crops to subsist at levels superior to current levels. He feels that the more systems that can be installed, the more lives will be saved. In addition, assistance will also be provided to communities that, for various reasons, are unable to provide for themselves. In essence, his non profit organization will change lives and transform the world, and change the lifestyles of underdeveloped countries forever, as well as transforming the conscience of the international community with respect to the attitudes of Americans and relationships between Americans and those of other nationalities, increasing the chance for peace and international collaboration on various levels.

He is interested in crowd funding and grantmaking, and this end will be pursued, as well as utilizing mass mailings and personal appeals to raise funds. Research will be conducted into locating nonprofit grants and, to a lesser degree, loans. Research will be conducted into locating small business grants and, to a lesser extent, loans. Research will be conducted into locating private donors, private foundations and corporate assistance. Research will be conducted into locating funding from the City of Hollywood, the County of Broward, the State of Florida and the Federal Government.

Operational Plan:

End Starvation Foundation intends to eradicate starvation worldwide by addressing the various causes of starvation in different regions and designing approaches to meet the needs of the local communities in those regions.

In some places, climatic and geological conditions prevent the production of sufficient food crops to sustain the local communities. But technology exists that could transform their lives by facilitating the production of food crops. End Starvation Foundation means to provide technology, equipment, provisions, and training to local communities, so that they will become self-sufficient in the cultivation of food crops.

Starvation also occurs where populations are forced to flee conflict zones where normal living becomes impossible. Wars and insurrections create large numbers of refugees who are unable to remain near their normal sources of food, or where these sources are destroyed in the conflict. End Starvation Foundation means to provide support to refugee populations.

In some regions, large numbers of young orphans lose their parents to such diseases as AIDS, as well as to conflicts. Others, such as elderly, widows with children, and the sick or disabled, are also suffering chronic malnutrition. End Starvation Foundation means to provide support to these, as well.

Each of us is capable of giving a little to end starvation. It is not necessary to go out of our way to find enough to give. Enough of us have sufficient surplus to contribute something, even if only a small amount. And a small amount from each of us is enough to end starvation. But in order to give that small amount, each of us must first care. That is why we say: The Cure is to care. If we give, they live. It is as simple as that.

Very little happens without money. With enough money, all that must be done to eradicate starvation could be done. So the first steps in the process of ending starvation include raising funds and raising public awareness of the terrible toll of starvation throughout Asia, Africa, and Central America. In the time it takes to have lunch more than a thousand people die of starvation. A national fundraising program can achieve these two goals.

The fundraising campaign will involve purchase of mailing lists of persons and organizations likely to contribute to such an endeavor, preparation of brochures and letters, and postage to mail them. Initially, most of the task could be handled by David, with hiring of part-time and/or temporary assistants as the need arose.

In addition, phone calls will be made to corporations, non-governmental organizations, private institutions, religious organizations, et cetera, to inform them of the existence and mission of the foundation, and to solicit support and collaboration.

The foundation is based in South Florida. A small office space is needed to run a fundraising operation and to recruit future foundation personnel, fundraisers, technicians, volunteers, and leadership. The intention is to find a small storefront located on a main drive in a less affluent neighborhood, where the monthly rental cost would be low, while daily exposure to passing traffic would be high. From there, a massive fundraising campaign would begin that would contribute to funding the programs of the foundation.

While fundraising is taking place, communications would be carried out with existing and new contacts, and areas of need would be designated for introduction of services.

The initial focus of services will be to develop the agricultural productivity of communities in regions affected by lack of water and arid terrain. The plan is to identify communities in need, and to drill deep water wells that these communities could combine with drip irrigation technology in order to increase their production of food crops in a relatively short time period. Besides wells, the communities would be provided with training, equipment, supplies, and storage facilities. These would all be provided free of charge to the communities chosen.

Local authorities and civic leaders would be contacted beforehand in order to negotiate such issues as ownership of facilities and equipment, construction of storage warehousing for equipment, maintenance supplies, and other provisions needed for agriculture, and conditions that would need to be agreed to prior to provision of services, such as that all members of the local population in need would be included in the programs, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof.

Once the process of moving forward in this area of service became ironed out to a degree, and as fundraising developed, additional services would be initiated, such as provision of funds and or food products to communities in need who could not produce food at all for a period of time, such as refuge centers or institutions that care for widows, orphans, elderly, and disabled people who cannot support themselves.

In certain areas where local populations are prevented from obtaining food by their political rivals, it is speculated that airdrops might be able to alleviate the suffering until other solutions are able to be employed.

While all of the aforementioned takes place, grant searches will remain ongoing. Due to the large number of people in need, in order to achieve the final goal of eradication of starvation, a great deal of money will be required.

The officers and directors of the foundation are not to receive any salary or remuneration, except for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

The foundation’s directors consider it a useful idea to establish an annuity fund, the interest from which would provide the funds to pay for the expenses of the foundation, such as fundraising costs, office rental and associated expenses, travel expenses, and other routine administrative costs. Once such a fund were in place, potential contributors could then be assured that 100% of their contributions would be used directly for the stated goals of the foundation, while the administrative costs would be covered by the interest from the annuity fund, which would remain in perpetuity for that purpose.

It goes without saying that the achievement of the stated goals will require massive collaboration from a network of people and organizations that would need to be developed as the process of moving forward takes place. Under the best of circumstances, years would pass before the goals were substantially met. The intention is to raise public awareness of the ongoing tragedy of the unnecessary deaths of so many people whom God loves; of the benefits of putting an end to starvation, not only for those who fall victim to it, but for those who collaborate to put an end to it; and of the fact that it is possible to end starvation; while developing a collaborative network that will achieve the goal. We can end starvation. The cure is to care.


Office personnel may be required to assist with fundraising operations, bookkeeping, and public relations, as public interest and support grows. Initially, temporary staff will probably be enough to handle tasks during the early stage of development. An accountant will be contracted to do the necessary financial accounting.

As financial and network development proceeds, communications will be under way with foreign contacts to consult on various issues, such as conditions prevailing in designated areas of need, licenses and permits required in those areas, contractors available for various tasks, such as installation of well heads and construction of storage facilities, where not already available, and decisions will be made regarding prioritizing sites for development. Once the storage facilities are prepared, equipment supplies, and Other necessary steps will then be taken to prepare the groundwork for moving forward, which steps will become apparent as inquiries and preparations are made in each case.

Once sufficient funds have been received to initiate a program of services, contracts/declarations will be drawn up according to the need and advisability in each situation encountered, and ground broken to provide the community with the agricultural infrastructure its conditions call for. Also, depending on the case, either local personnel will be transferred to training at an existing training center in the technology or, if more convenient, training personnel will be brought to the local community to provide training on site.


David L. Rosenthal will initially be responsible for all management of the operation of the foundation, in consultation with the directors. He is bilingual, speaking and writing English and Spanish. He has a couple of years of experience as a supervisor of valet parking, over a workforce sometimes reaching 15 employees, for Kinney Parking Systems, in Miami-Dade, Florida, from 1987 to 1988. He is keenly aware of the necessity of recruiting new blood into the organization, with enthusiasm for its mission and managerial ability.

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