Could the billionaires of the world instantly end starvation? There are more than 1,400 billionaires in the world. Six out of seven are Americans. If they all contributed all they had, it might not be enough to end poverty.
However, for a small protion of their fortune, 100,000 wellheads could be established, with adjoining warehousing, agricultural equipment, including drip irrigation technology, and training programs, that would in much of the world eliminate starvation, eliminate disease from contaminated water sources, and transform the globe. And billionaires would not even have to give up being billionaires to achieve this.
Of course, the United States government could achieve this on its own, with 25% of its yearly expenditure on defense. What would the image of the United States be in the world if the United States paid to put this program into effect? What would be the international impact of doing this? Is there really a good reason not to do it?
Would doing this ceate peace on Earth? No. But it would eliminate a lot of enmity, and set the example for those who seek peace. Of course, it would not be rewarding for government contractors in indistrties related to the military, or to Congressional representatives. And it would not be in line with the agenda of the New World Order.
It is, however, in line with the agenda explained by Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:31-46. So why is it not on the agenda of the churches of God? Is it selfishness or sectarianism that prevents the church from doing God’s will? How much money do churches spend promoting their particular version of doctrine, or maintaining their high-priced pastors or properties, as opposed to carrying out the function for which the church exists?

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