Fools and idiots abound
And lots of liars are around
Many of who fail to see
Of Jesus the reality
But teach about what they don’t know
And fulfill in doing so
The prophecies that said they’d come
With evil fruit and conscience numb.
Those wolves that often dress like sheep
Mislead the flock, but soon will reap
A cup filled with the wrath divine
For those who’d come to undermine
His holy purpose, where He forgave
All those whom He came to save.
God, have mercy on the dumb
But deal with all the lying scum
Who without conscience do defame
Those persisting in your name
To follow Christ and do as you
In righteousness would have us do.
Fools and idiots can be
Filled with wisdom and come to see
But prophets false who love to lie
And don’t repent will have to die
Not once but twice, and face the flame
For failing to respect his name.
God, have mercy on fools like me
And teach me your reality.

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