Give Whatever You Can

The photos that appear in the previous post show the two bookmarks now available as gifts to you for your donations to feed starving widows and children. Each features a different inspirational poem that I composed myself. If you click on the center photo, you will be able to read the poems.

I will give every cent of your contribution to Christian missionaries, whom I have know for many years, who use the funds to feed widows and children in their mission work in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Not a single penny of it will be used for salaries, expenses, administrative costs, or for anything but feeding the starving. 100% is the best we can do. I can put you in direct contact with them, as well, so that you can corroborate that they receive all of your contribution, or you can send it directly to them, if you prefer.

The tassled bookmarks measure 9″ by 2 1/2″, and are laminated in plastic for long life. They make great gifts for any occasion. The poems are very good, too, if I do say so myself.

Contact David directly at to arrange the details, or for any other reason.

God bless you.

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