How You Can End Starvation


Ending starvation will require massive collaboration and cordination of the efforts of thousands of people who care. It will require millions of dollars per day to be spent on purchase and distribution of food, drilling of new wells for potable water, and, alas, some cost of moving goods and people.

In addition, equipment will need to be shipped and installed, and personnel trained to operate and maintain equipment for drip irrigation technology that allows crop cultivation on land that otherwise is unsuitable for agriculture.

However, the cost to any individual need not be more than what an average American or European or Canadian or Australian might spend on a cup of coffee or a can of soda per day. All it takes form each of us is a small “sacrifice” to eradicate starvation completely. The cure really is to care.

If you care, you will find the way to contribute a little. If each person on Earth who claims to be Christian contributed 50 cents per day, that would just about get the job done.

Millions still die of starvation every year, so much more needs to be done. I am counting on your prayers, concern, compassion, moral support, and financial contributions to end starvation worldwide.

My anthology of poems and songs will be on sale and all profits will be donated to End Starvation Foundation.

Bookmarks with poetry by me are also available and all profits will be donated to End Starvation Foundation.

There will also be some antiques for sale and all profits will be donated to End Starvation Foundation.

I am searching for partners to produce songs for which the lyrics and some of the music already exists, the profits from which will all be donated to End Starvation Foundation.

And all contributions will be used to end starvation. There will be no stays in expensive hotels, no first-class travel accommodations, no expensive dinners, no offices on Fifth Avenue, no luxury automobiles, and no unnecessary expenditures; because we honor your contributions, we honor those who need them, and we honor God.

You could do a lot by doing a little. There are may ways you could raise funds to contribute to this awesome cause.

And let me assure you, it feels really good to do what we are supposed to do. Try it. You will like it.

Together, we can end starvation, and show the world what it means to love your neighbor.

David L. Rosenthal


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