Greetings! I am David L. Rosenthal. Some friends and I have decided to encourage others to end starvation. We wish to concentrate our efforts by giving to Christian missionaries who use contributions to feed starving children and widows in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, with almost none of the contribution going toward administrative or other costs not directly related to feeding the hungry. In addition, we hope to finance educational and other programs that will assist starving populations to produce food crops to meet thier subsistence requirements. I encourage you to give a little, as every bit counts.

My friends and I have incorporated END STARVATION FOUNDATION in order to move forward toward the goal of eradicating starvation worldwide. In collaboration with many, we will feed the starving, build wells for drinking water, establish and/or support orphanages and relief centers, and do whatever God wants us to do to end starvation.

I expect to be publishing books, and if there are any royalties, they will be used to further the interests of the work of the foundation.

I do not know right now where this will lead, but I hope that my efforts encourage everyone who reads this blog, or who learns of our efforts to combat starvation, to do whatever they can to contribute to ending starvation.

Starvation exists because we allow it to persist. It is in no way unrealistic to say that collectively we can end starvation. In a world where about one person in nine is starving, eight have something to contribute to feed the one, and it does not take much. It only requires awareness, interest, and collaboration. And the only things you have to lose are your boredom, sense of uselessness and powerlessness, and a little weight.

Be part of the solution. Be a real human being. Be my hero.

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God bless you.

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Peace
    By David L. Rosenthal

    The only peace that can be had
    That rightfully deserves the name
    Is peace that only comes from God
    As nothing else is quite the same

    I felt it once and can’t forget
    The gentle calm beyond compare
    Where fear could never penetrate
    As only love’s abiding there

    I felt it once which was enough
    To thoroughly appreciate
    The life surpassingly sublime
    That here we barely contemplate

    This peace, this gift of priceless worth
    This gesture of God’s perfect grace
    Was shown to me so I could know
    That it is found in just one place

    This peace exists and can be yours
    Its price is your obedience
    To love your neighbor as yourself
    And to love God above all else

  2. God gave me this song this morning, which seems like a good choice as the theme song for End Starvation Foundation:


    Life without wisdom
    Is like a bad dream
    And life without love
    Really hardly does seem
    In sum to be truly
    A true life at all
    A man without love
    Seems about one foot tall.

    It’s wisdom that gives one
    The vision to do
    For what we are here
    And the sense to eschew
    Those acts that are senseless
    That tend to cause harm
    Respecting to which
    Love will sound an alarm.

    We’re not here to hoard
    But to help those in need
    Who can’t help themselves
    Who cannot even feed
    Themselves or their children
    Who are dropping like flies
    Who, while we’re having lunch,
    A thousand more dies.

    If you gave up one soda
    Or one coffee a day
    You could sustain one child
    Who is passing away
    If you say you’re a Christian
    But don’t feed his sheep
    I don’t know who you are
    Or whose morals you keep.

    Jesus Christ is returning
    He will want to know
    Why we did not do
    What He said we should do
    So where do you think
    He will tell you to go
    If you did not comply
    With what He taught us to?

    Let love light your mind
    As it fills up your heart
    So you won’t fall behind
    As you’re doing your part
    To bring life to the needy
    Be wise and be smart
    If you don’t do it now
    Now’s a good time to start.

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