It Takes Time and Perseverance

There is no way to know why we sometimes have to wait a long time for certain things or answers….but remember that eternity is a long time, and what to us seems a long time is, to God, a moment. He is in control and He knows why He does what He does when He does it. It is our job to do as He says. We already know the final outcome.

The latest poem:

Broken Shells

Mighty as broken eggshells

Strewn along the road

Something tells me that most of us

Bear less than half the load

Of their responsibility

Within the church of God

As capable ambassadors

Of the only One who’s good.

I’m starting now to understand

That this is partly due to

That few of those who teach of Him

Are teaching what is true

To those who need to know about

How they must be saved

And so they walk in ignorance and

Unwisely have behaved.

Open up your Bible and

Compare it to the word

Of the preacher on the pulpit

Who too often seems absurd

Then read God’s word in prayerfulness

And often you will find

That the pedants who now speak of Him

Are functionally blind

As though their fleshly eyes could see

While they’ve lost their Christly mind.

Don’t follow shallow teachers

Who pretend to speak for Christ

Whose teachings don’t compare to his

Whose message is not spiced

With the message of the gospel

That divides us like a knife

Sending goats away who won’t obey

The words that offer life.

Don’t waste your time with preachers

Who won’t preach what God requires

For only will he find the truth

Who after truth inquires.

What is truth, someone might ask

And I will answer in a trice:

Those words lack truth that don’t agree

With the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

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