The Lord Jehovah had warned his people that they would suffer plague, famine, and the sword for disobedience, but they disobeyed anyway. Ezekiel was sent to warn the evildoers of Judah and Jerusalem who had turned away from faithfully following God in all things. Ezekiel was told that, if he failed to warn an evildoer of the consequence of his sin, Ezekiel would be guilty of that person’s blood, which God would require at Ezekiel’s hand. God’s people disobeyed in remarkable ways, and were severely punished for it.
The apostle Paul revealed in Romans 11 that the people of God have become a tree in which the unnatural branches, who are the gentiles, have become grafted in among the natural branches, who are Israel, and that “all Israel will be saved,” once they are no longer blind. So today the body of Christ stands among the people of God. The body of Christ are to do according to the commands of Christ and the will of God.
But today there are so many in the body of Christ who have not conformed their way of life to the will of God. So many live in disobedience to God, although they claim to be Christians. Ask yourself, if God brought destruction against his people Israel, would He not do so against those of the body of Christ who commit similar acts today as those committed by Israel in antiquity? In fact, the word of God says that He will.
Many in the church of Christ feel confident about their standing in Christ while teaching lies as doctrine and doing things that God detests. Unless they repent and follow Christ according to his doctrine, they will be destroyed. That is what the doctrine of Christ says.
Examine yourself and repent. This Christian walk is not a game, and we do not make the rules of our salvation.

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