Just Christians?

If just Christians gave just 50 cents per day to feed the starving, starvation would be eradicated immediately. (That would cover 10 cents in administrative and other costs not directly related to the cost of meals.)  This makes me feel frustrated and angry. For such a small sum, we could literally transform the world. But we do not take seriously the scriptures that tell us to feed the needy.

This is in no sense a simplification. Multiplying 40 cents/day times 2 billion Christians gives us $800 million/day, which is enough to provide a meal per day to every one of the starving who are on the verge of death.

This does not mean to lump all into the same basket. Of course there are many who do contribute. However, there is no way to ignore the 15 million children who each year die from starvation. If only Christians gave the necessary sum, they could do so easily. If all people of any religion who had enough gave a modest amount, just by virtue of this miracle alone, the world would have become a different place.

What would it take to convince you to give $1/day to feed just one starving widow or child? What would it take to convince Christians to do what the Bible clearly has told them to do? The Hebrew scriptures also contain clear instructions to care for the poor. Why then is starvation rampant? One of the principles of Islam covers giving to the poor. Easily half of the population of Earth claim to adhere to one of the three religions we have mentioned; so why is starvation an issue?

What will it take for us to adhere to the principles in which we claim to believe? Don’t we understand that our opulent lifestyles convict us of hypocrisy? Don’t we understand that we will stand before God, who will require us to give an account of our bad decisions. Or do we simply not care? Do we even give a passing thought to the many thousands who each day succumb to the debilitating and degenerative effects of starvation? Do we have such little regard for humanity, or is our own humanity so lacking, that 50 cents/day seems like too great a sacrifice?

Think also of the moral revolution that could be carried out for 50 cents/day. Think of the series of changes that would take place in international and interfaith relations, if by collaborating in the immeasurably worthy cause of ending starvation, the goal were achieved. Think of the example we would set for our friends, our enemies, our children, and posterity, for just the cost of….what? What would you have to give up in order to contribute 50 cents/day? Anything?

Think of God, of his pleasure in you for having done the right thing, for being obedient, for caring enough to feed those He loves.

Think of your own conscience and soul. Couldn’t you stand to feel better about yourself? Or have you done enough, so that a few million deaths per year do not bother you? Remember that we make the world what it is.

I cannot believe that we can not achieve this. I believe that we can end starvation. I believe that you are going to do your part. I believe that, if you knew what to do, you would do it. Start by believing and we will take it from there.


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