Letter To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

This was sent yesterday evening:
From: David L. Rosenthal, email: davidl.rosenthal@yahoo.com
To: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel
Date: August 31, 2013
Dear Mr. Netanyahu,
It is my pleasure to bring to your attention that I am sure that the State of Israel could be an excellent collaborator in the advancement of the interests of the kingdom of God. I apologize in advance if, due to my ignorance of the status quo, that which I am about to suggest is already being done. But as I am unaware of whether or not it is, I am compelled to suggest it.
As you know, it is God’s view and will that all the families of the earth be blessed by Israel, and I have no doubt that such is the case, and that it will continue to be the case to a greater degree in the future. The world is in a dark and terrible condition that ultimately only God will be able to remedy. But in the meantime, it falls to each of us who wish to abide by his standards to do such things as He approves, among which is to do for the poor what they are unable to do for themselves, to the extent that we are able.
Imagine what the world would be today, if all people wished to do what God wills: something much different than the hellish place we now find. And imagine, as well, the transformation in the minds of so many with respect to the nation of Israel, if the state were to engage in a position of international leadership in the matter of doing God’s will with respect to improving the lot of the hundreds of millions of the world who are in a condition of chronic starvation.
Although many organizations exist with the ostensible purpose of ending hunger, millions continue to starve to death each year, while hundreds of millions subsist in miserable conditions in which they starve during much of the year, or all of it. It is my hope that, if Israel is not already engaged in spreading its knowledge and technology to starving nations, a program will soon exist that will make it possible for the starving of the world to have access to sufficient potable water and the excellent technology already possessed by the people of Israel that permits them to produce edible crops through use of drip irrigation. That is my hope.
The foundation means to do whatever is possible to end starvation, and it is my hope that it will soon be in a position to send students to Israel to be trained by your experts in the field of drip irrigation, later to go into many places that would benefit from your expertise; and if Israeli industry also makes available the hardware related to this technology, to purchase it from Israel to import to those places that would benefit from it.
It was a pleasure to greet you and to have the opportunity to express my wishes for the near future. God willing, that which God approves will soon be a priority for all of us.
If you have any questions, or wish to share any information, please feel free to contact me.
Best regards,
David L. Rosenthal, Founder
End Starvation Foundation, Inc.

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