Life is good, but what is life?
Struggling with daily strife
While hanging on the tree of woe?
Oh, no, I really don’t think so.
Sometimes grief is in the heart
But we can choose the better part
Simply by remembering
That He will give us everything.
If we would see better days
We really must amend our ways
And do as He’d have us to do
Until our days on Earth are through.
The life we live we live to God
Until we’re placed beneath the sod
Later called to rise again
Rejoicing with obedient men
Rewarded with felicity
In life as it was meant to be.
But some prefer a punishment
Together with the arrogant
Who having no humility
Toss aside felicity
To hang upon the tree of woe
Just because they wouldn’t go
And enter by the narrow gate
Delaying till it is too late
Repentance from a life of sin
Which long they chose to remain in.
Any person could be saved
Despite how they might have behaved
If they have humbly walked with God
Before they’re placed beneath the sod.
Your body, you must realize
Before too long will fertilize
After you have lain in state
So wisely do not hesitate.
This very day you should repent
So you will not have to be sent
To where you gnash your teeth and weep
But rather where you get to keep
The blessings of joy, peace, and love
As promised by the Lord above.
The choice you make is up to you.
Choose life, before your life is through.

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