I feel lost in this project. I am just one man. I can do nothing on my own. So I reach out in hope of convincing others to do what I know we can do. And instead of inspiring a tidal wave of action, I fail even to inspire a comment from anyone. It is discouraging, but I will not allow myself to be defeated. I will continue to push forward. And I will convince you to collaborate.

In the meantime, here is the latest song:

                    MORE BIBLES

There are more Bibles than acorns, that is fine

So many Bibles, you have yours, I have mine

You would think God were showing us a sign

Or a message

Straight from the divine… //


There are more Bibles than there are grains of sand

There are more Bibles than folks in the land

There are more Bibles than fruit on the trees

Now read them, please –

Read them, please…//


There are more Bibles than tears in our eyes

Could they all be a blessing in disguise?

When will we see, when will we realize

That God is saying,

“I love you”?  //


There are more Bibles than demons, you know

So many Bibles, stacked up in rows

Gathering dust – well, that’s how it goes

From dust to dust

But we can grow…//


So read your Bible, read it today

See God’s message – wipe the tears away

And be a blessing to others on the way

Reminding them

Lord Jesus will come…//

He will come, and when He does it will be to end evil and to reward each one according to his work.

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