Make Amends

Make amends for your sins
Make amends for your crimes
Don’t you know we are living
In perilous time
When we need to use well
Every ounce of the mind
And the spirit in order
To finally find
The answers to why
We were ever brought here
As the time’s growing short
While the end’s drawing near.

We have all fallen short
Of perfection and so
Need to make better choices
In order to grow
Into what we were always
Expected to be
Beings willing to serve
Throughout eternity
Slaves to righteousness
Serving our God night and day
Forever till
Heaven and Earth pass away.

Stop and think, look ahead
On the road you are on
Opportunity flies
All your time will be gone
Which you could have used well
In the struggle to be
What God wants us to be
Throughout eternity
Makes amends for your crimes
Make amends for your sins
So you’ll see the real life
When it finally begins.

Every day is a challenge
Every day brings travail
In this war in our being
We sometimes do fail
But in every case
It’s our job to decide
To do what is right
In his Spirit abide
Where we’re blessed in his love
As we’re kept in his hand
In his grace we remain
In his favor we stand.

If that’s not where you are
It is by your own choice
But if you want to hear
You can hear his own voice
Which can guide you to be
Where you should be today
Stop and listen before
Your time has flown away
Put his righteousness first
Leave your old self behind
And I promise that life
Love and peace you will find.

There is nothing so fine
As his Spirit in you
And He wants to live there
But He needs you to do
What his true love requires
Which requires that you
Warn the world, feed his sheep
And be vigilant, too
For whatever instruction
He might sometime give you
To fulfill his will
As we were designed to.

He is willing to help
In your struggle today
But He does not insist
That you follow his way
That leads to true life
As it is meant to be
That brings blessing now
And through eternity
You are still free to live
In rebellion and pain
But your life you will lose
Though the whole world you gain.

He is willing to help
But you must choose his way
To follow his standards
And not go astray
To remain in his love
To seek peace and forgive
And to live in the way
Those in Paradise live
He is willing to help
Through his Spirit of grace
But it first falls to you
Righteousness to embrace.

There’s nothing impossible
For God to do
He is willing to move
Earth and Heaven for you
He loves even sinners
And so gave his Son
To open the way
For his will to be done
He is calling you and
He has opened the door
To salvation, so do not
His compassion ignore.

Justice requires
That no evil reside
In any place where
God’s sons will abide
In peace and in love
Where his Spirit will be
Imparting his light
Throughout eternity
True life is in Him
And this life can be yours
But it’s not for whomever
His justice ignores.

A small clarification: Despite the lyrics of this song, we cannot “make amends” for our sins to gain salvation by doing good works. We do good works because we agree with God that we were created for good works. We are given the gift of salvation by his grace through our faith, following our having come to understand that we needed to convert to his way of righteousness. Then we do works out of gratitude, and because we see that we should. If in any way we “make amends” it is through following Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:10, Hebrews 13:16, Matthew 25:31-46, etc.


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