MATTHEW 25:31-46

Hundreds of millions of people are sighing
Because they have little to eat
But some people think they are merely not trying
And have given in to defeat
But hundreds of millions don’t have what’s required
For them to produce enough crops
So millions of them each year have expired
As no one the dark famine stops

Resources and technology in abundance
Exist now to end the starvation
But according to international pundits
They don’t have enough information
About how to end the now rampant plague
That is taking lives here and there
It’s truly amazing they can be so vague
Since quite simply, the cure is to care

The famine’s a plague that only exists
Sine we allow it to persist
But as Jesus Christ said, he clearly expects
His people the plague to resist
By providing what’s needed to those in distress
Who cannot provide on their own
But some an opposing opinion express
Who don’t care what Jesus has shown

It appears that so many just simply don’t care
Who have all that they need and much more
But say that to judge them I shouldn’t dare
Yet I ask, what are they waiting for?
Do they not understand that their own wellbeing
Depends on their willingness to
Comply with the words of Christ, who is pleading
For them to do as they should do?

In Proverbs, the Lord says that those who hear
The cry of the poor, but don’t care
Will be subject themselves to need and to fear
But their help won’t be found anywhere
I continue to ask you, since that is my task
To do what you can for the poor
As Christ himself said you should do as he asked
Or the blame he will lay at your door

No one can make you do what you just won’t
But the consequence Christ has made clear
If you still don’t want to comply, then just don’t
But remember when you must appear
Before the Messiah who will separate
The sheep from the goats on that day
That if then you repent, it will have come too late
And Messiah will send you away

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