No Silver Bullet?

According to “A Roadmap for Continued US Leadership to End Global Hunger” (

“Decades of research and action on global hunger and malnutrition have shown that there is no “silver bullet” for addressing this problem.”

Although the organizations that contribute to that publication have some useful idaes, I completely disagree with the above statement. There is a silver bullet.

The silver bullet, the cure, is to care.

While decades go by during which millions and millions slowly die of hunger, a torturous, debilitating, wasting away that brings daily pain, suffering, disease, and degradation, the learned of the world discuss what to do about the problem, which they should. But the short term solution is to feed the starving, for which ample resources already exist.

Massive collaboration is all that is needed. Food exists in suficient quantities to end hunger now. The cure is to care. Do you care?

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