Just Sent to the IRS

5701 Forrest Street Hollywood, FL 33021
IRS Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 2508 Cincinnati, OH 45201
Employer Identification Number: 61-1690482
I received your notice dated March 12, 2013, informing me that I could expect to be contacted within 90 days of the date of that notice. However, now that almost seven months have passed, I felt the need to contact you to inquire with respect to the processing of the application for federal tax exempt status.
Please inform me as to whether I can now expect to be contacted imminently, and whether there is anything I might do expedite the processing.
I ask you to consider that the directors of the foundation do not receive salaries for their efforts, and that the foundation will continue to strive to funnel as close to 100% of the contributions received toward services as humanly possible.
Thank you for your attention.
David L. Rosenthal
Telephone: 954-851-3127

More Good News

The book manuscript for Lies of the Shepherds has been submitted to Seleer Press and accepted for publication. I am told that it should be in print by the end of September. God willing, this controversial book will touch many hearts and become a souce of motivation to all kinds of people to take a longer and closer look at the Holy Scriptures. And God willing, the income from the sale of it will fund the administrative costs of the operation of End Starvation Foundation, so that all of the contributions from anyone will go directly toward the work of the foundation, feeding the starving, providing clean drinking water, and teaching them how to produce food crops.


The Lord Jehovah had warned his people that they would suffer plague, famine, and the sword for disobedience, but they disobeyed anyway. Ezekiel was sent to warn the evildoers of Judah and Jerusalem who had turned away from faithfully following God in all things. Ezekiel was told that, if he failed to warn an evildoer of the consequence of his sin, Ezekiel would be guilty of that person’s blood, which God would require at Ezekiel’s hand. God’s people disobeyed in remarkable ways, and were severely punished for it.
The apostle Paul revealed in Romans 11 that the people of God have become a tree in which the unnatural branches, who are the gentiles, have become grafted in among the natural branches, who are Israel, and that “all Israel will be saved,” once they are no longer blind. So today the body of Christ stands among the people of God. The body of Christ are to do according to the commands of Christ and the will of God.
But today there are so many in the body of Christ who have not conformed their way of life to the will of God. So many live in disobedience to God, although they claim to be Christians. Ask yourself, if God brought destruction against his people Israel, would He not do so against those of the body of Christ who commit similar acts today as those committed by Israel in antiquity? In fact, the word of God says that He will.
Many in the church of Christ feel confident about their standing in Christ while teaching lies as doctrine and doing things that God detests. Unless they repent and follow Christ according to his doctrine, they will be destroyed. That is what the doctrine of Christ says.
Examine yourself and repent. This Christian walk is not a game, and we do not make the rules of our salvation.


Whom do you honor?

Whom do you obey?

Whom do you trust?

Whom do you believe?

Whom do you serve?

That is the one you worship.

With each act that we carry out, we are demonstrating whom it is that we believe, obey, trust, honor, and serve.

It is not simply a matter of what you claim to believe, but of what your acts demonstrate you believe.

The word of God says that we are a spectacle (See 1 Corinthians 4:9 and Hebrew 10:32-34). And remember how God pointed out his faithful servant to Satan the devil in Job 2, where He says: 3…“Have you considered My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil? And still he holds fast to his integrity, although you incited Me against him, to destroy him without cause.”

We are not here by accident. We are not here alone. And what we do matters. God has said in Proverbs 27:11: My son, be wise, and make my heart glad, That I may answer him who reproaches me.

God said to Adam in the Garden that on the day he ate of that fruit, he would surely die. Satan said it was a lie. The same controversy continues and each of us must show whom we believe, honor, obey, serve, and trust. Soon the matter will be settled concerning which of the two is trustworthy, and which is our enemy. But for those of us who already know the answer to that, each of our acts shows whom we honor, trust, obey, serve, and believe.

We are a spectacle in the war between God and Satan. Be aware.


I am still awaiting word from the Internal Revenue Service with regard to the application filed four months ago for tax-exempt status for End Starvation Foundation. I decided not to go forward with fundraising efforts, until receiving a final status decision from the IRS, so all is in suspended animation.
I also submitted a book manuscript to a publisher fo…r review, and await a response on that, hoping that the book will be published, and become a dramatically lucrative commercial success, in order to fund the administrative/day-to-day costs of the foundation. But whether it does become a commercial success or not, I still want everyone to read it.
The foundation is a result of understanding that God’s will includes feeding those who cannot feed themselves, which I was fortunate to learn, finally, when one day the meaning of Matthew 25 became clear to me. The book is intended to clarify other issues that obscure the truth within the church of Christ, and also has a chapter that deals with doing God’s will.
What makes me think that I am qualified to speak for God? The scriptures say that all in the body of Christ are called to participate in ministry, and are called to be ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through them: imploring all on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God. I may be the worst qualified in this regard, but I want to do God’s will, which also means that I must reach out to those who need to hear his message.
I want to reach out to spread the message of Christ, registered in Matthew 25:31-46, because that is what we should be paying attention to, but which too many are ignoring. I know that too many are ignoring it, since if we were not, the world would not be the place that it is. Those who believe in Jesus Christ are meant to be light. Jesus said that his followers are the light of the world, and we could be light, if we paid closer attention to what he expects us to do in the world.
We can disagree among ourselves about this doctrine or that doctrine, but if we are not doing what he said we should do, we are not being light. And if we are not being light, we are being darkness. What will happen to my book and what will happen with the foundation? I do not know. I am awaiting God’s direction and blessing.
But whatever happens to them, the greater question is what are you going to do to comply with the expectations of Jesus Christ? If you are a follower of Christ, he has a ministry for you. Pay attention. We are supposed to be light.

The reinterment of King Richard III

From: David L. Rosenthal, davidl.rosenthal@yahoo.com
To: David Monteith, Dean of Leicester Leicester Cathedral, leicestercathedral@leccofe.org
Date: July 29, 2013
RE: The reinterment of King Richard III
Dear Dean Monteith, I just now read an article on Yahoo News, written by Megan Gannon, in which the following appears: “The Cathedral of Leicester recently unveiled its $1.5 million (£1 million) plan to rebury the monarch in a new raised tomb inside the church, with a week of celebrations leading up to the reinterment.” Please understand that this money would be ill spent. The dead king, or whoever that 600-year-old cadaver might be, would better be interred with honor in some already existing tomb, perhaps alongside Henry VIII or George III, someone with whom he would feel right at home; and the money instead should be used to help the most needy, or in some function of which Jesus Christ might approve. I suggest you consult Christ in this matter, before going forward in such folly as reveals that your priorities are remarkably out of order.
 Best regards.
James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

Patience is a Virtue

It takes a long time to traverse the process of receiving tax-exempt status. I expect to receive some kind of response from the IRS any day now, after which I will probably have to return answers to their inquiries and wait some more. That is how this goes. But it is a good thing that the government oversees charities in order to avoid corruption, theft of funds, and so forth.

End Starvation Foundation will move forward, if it is God’s will, and we will do what Christ instructed us to do for the poor. Let me point out, I am not the foundation. I am setting up the foundation. But you are the foundation, if you believe that, as a member of humanity, you have a responsibility to aid those who cannot provide for themselves, or that, as a member of the church of Christ, you are to aid the poor, as Christ instructed in Matthew 25:31-46. I set up the foundation, but you make it work.

Do you want to be saved? You have to help the poor (Matthew 25:31-46).

Ignore the poor, you go to hell…. End Starvation Foundation can be your vehicle to put the teaching of Christ into action. Or you can choose to do it some other way. But do it.

Fundraising Letter

The finalization of the 501(C)3 for permanent tax-exempt status is in process, but could still take months to complete. We are working on a fundraising letter now. Here is a draft:
December 12, 2012
Mr. and Mrs. Bigheart
1234 Fifth St.
New York, New York 10001
To Whom it May Concern,
Starvation is the one plague humanity faces that exists only because we allow it to persist. If you, too, find this unacceptable, be assured that we share your sentiment, and so have dedicated ourselves to the eradication of starvation. No elusive cure needs to be researched in order to find a way to reach the goal. The cure is to care. Together, we can achieve it.
For one dollar a day, you can provide enough food and drinking water to keep one person alive indefinitely. End Starvation Foundation means to funnel donations from those who care to those who need it, and cannot provide for themselves, without accepting any payment for doing the work that God has given us to do.
Although close to half the world population is either Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, and the sacred scriptures of these people mandate caring for and assisting the poor, more than 10 million children die of starvation every year. End Starvation Foundation has fixed the goal of once and for all putting an end to starvation, which we will do if you collaborate to do what God has mandated.
Between $75,000 and $100,000 is needed in order to establish a new aid facility in an area of need, in Africa, or something less than that in certain areas of Asia or Central America (due to variable costs of digging a wellhead) with a well and distribution center, with sufficient funds to guarantee ongoing operations there for several months. The foundation also means to create a $1 million dollar annuity fund to pay for day-to-day operations of the foundation from the interest therefrom.
End Starvation Foundation is not the answer. You are the answer, if you care. With your money and our collaboration, we can end starvation, the slow torturous death that now afflicts about 800 million human beings whom God loves. The cure is to care. Do you care?
If you care, work with us to achieve the goal. And God will bless you.
Whether you can only give $1 a day or provide a $1 million trust fund to support the day-to-day operations, your donation matters. Search your heart, and do what you can.
Starvation exists in different places for different reasons: Some starvation is politically motivated, induced artificially to kill opponents of regimes, while other cases involve the inability to grow sufficient produce to feed the local population. Therefore, the specific needs and methods to meet those needs will vary from place to place.
What is now a constant is the fact that millions of people die each year from the slow torture of starvation, which could be avoided if enough of those who claim to hold certain values did what those values dictate. The cure is to care. There is no need to discover an elusive cure through scientific research requiring billions of dollars in investments or lengthy investigations. The cure is in our heart.
It is as simple as this: If we give, they live. I am asking you on behalf of those who are dying, give what you are able.
All the best,
David L. Rosenthal