Paperwork Still in Process

As I wait for government approval of the 501(C)3, I am writing letters and trying to finish up the anthology. Here is another song:

In the Name of Jesus:

Now’s the time for morning prayer
To our Father in the air
Who for us is waiting there
With Messiah Jesus

Father let your name be raised
Up on high and greatly praised
Sanctified and served always
In the name of Jesus

Father, Father, please forgive
All my sin for now I give
My life to you and now I live
In the name of Jesus

To live is Christ, to die is gain
Let that be my own refrain
Let me love you more than life
And to cleanse my heart from strife
Let me know what I should do
To serve your sheep and so serve you

Let me soar as eagles and
Quickly follow each command
Wisely seek your will for me
And be all you want me to be
Well fulfill what I have vowed
And may my service make you proud

Guide my steps throughout the day
To walk in the Christian way
Give me wisdom, Lord, to keep
Your command to feed your sheep
Give me strength to face the world
With your flag of righteousness unfurled
This, Lord, is my prayer to you
In the name of Jesus

To live is Christ, to die is gain
Even though it sounds insane
In the world I won’t remain
In the name of Jesus.


A poem titled: We are a Spectacle:

We are a spectacle

We are receptacles

In which some spirit resides

But who is the spirit?

Which spirit is it

That behind our eyes hides?

Turn on the news

Look at the views

Of what the world has become

There is the story

Tragic and gory

Written by Satan’s own scum

There as a rule

We find what’s cruel

Seldom an act that is kind

While men perform

Outside the norm

For which all men were designed.

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