Patience is a Virtue

It takes a long time to traverse the process of receiving tax-exempt status. I expect to receive some kind of response from the IRS any day now, after which I will probably have to return answers to their inquiries and wait some more. That is how this goes. But it is a good thing that the government oversees charities in order to avoid corruption, theft of funds, and so forth.

End Starvation Foundation will move forward, if it is God’s will, and we will do what Christ instructed us to do for the poor. Let me point out, I am not the foundation. I am setting up the foundation. But you are the foundation, if you believe that, as a member of humanity, you have a responsibility to aid those who cannot provide for themselves, or that, as a member of the church of Christ, you are to aid the poor, as Christ instructed in Matthew 25:31-46. I set up the foundation, but you make it work.

Do you want to be saved? You have to help the poor (Matthew 25:31-46).

Ignore the poor, you go to hell…. End Starvation Foundation can be your vehicle to put the teaching of Christ into action. Or you can choose to do it some other way. But do it.

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