Many of us complain about the generational tradition of living off the generosity of the government that supports millions, who apparently have lost any interest that they might once have had in prospering from their own efforts. There is something to say about this. However, do not confuse the segment of the population who live off of that generosity (or political expediency) with the close to 900 million people who are struggling to merely subsist, on the verge of starvation, of who nearly 30,000 succumb daily to chronic malnutrition and die.
People are not dying from starvation due to an unwillingness to work. Starvation takes time, in most cases, to take its toll. When one first starts out upon that road, they are not keenly aware of the destination toward which they are bound, and do not willingly continue in its direction. But as one progresses on the path toward starving to death, they become less and less able to do anything to prevent it, slipping further and further into physical and mental weakness, as diseases and other hardships arise to hinder them in any efforts to save themselves.
People do not plan their own slow and torturous demise, as others plan to make ends meet on what they might obtain from state welfare agencies. In some places, warfare and insurgency create circumstances in which crop cultivation cannot take place. Some must flee from their homes to save their lives, leaving behind all their possessions and food sources.
 Some communities suffer starvation imposed on them by tyrants or opposing factions that prevent them from accessing food, from successfully growing crops to harvest.
Many children starve whose parents had died from AIDS or other diseases, leaving them as orphans.
Some can produce enough food during part of the year, but who during the rest of the year go hungry.
Some were unlucky to have been born where the land is not arable by conventional means, and who do not have the technology to raise crops with new technologies with which they are unfamiliar.
Starving people can remain alive sometimes for years, eking out an existence from day to day on so little that it would break you. But the condition to which they have become reduced renders them unable to lift themselves up from the deep rut into which their debilitated condition has thrust them. They really do need help.

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