Waiting Game

The red tape is there for a good reason, but it sure takes a while to run it all out. Months will go by before the 501(C)3 will be approved, if it is approved at all. We will move forward to achieve the goal, in any case, but raising funds is so much more difficult without the 501(C)3 status.

In the meantime, in just a few days, the illustrations will be finished and the manuscript submitted to the publisher.

Here are a couple of the latest songs:

Now’s the Time

There is no end to all the good things that we want
There is no end to all the treasures that we see
And if you strive enough you can be
All you want to be….

But it’s not time to be everything you want
It’s not time to do anything you dream
Although we’re free to try anything
It isn’t what we’re born to do now
And it isn’t how to serve our King

There is no end to all the people who need you
There is no end to all the sadness that we see
And if you strive enough you can be
What He needs us to be….

For now’s the time to do everything He dreams
Now’s the time to warn everyone He loves
Now’s the time to call them to be
All He wants us all to be
Now’s the time we must serve our King


Ask Him to Make You Wise

Despair and sadness fill the world
Enveloping humanity
Lives succumb to deprivation
Persecution and starvation.

But the answer to their pain
Lies in our Father’s hand
He has told us what to do
How to help our fellow man.

Many cannot help themselves
They require our aid
Can you bring yourself to give
So your brother yet might live?

I could tell you what to do
But if you have God’s Spirit too
Ask Him to open your eyes
To let you see and make you wise.

Yes, life ensues beyond the grave
For each one who has been saved
Life like we have never known
Treasure we can call our own.

But the question still remains for me
As to who throughout eternity
Will enjoy eternal blessing
If when he saw his brother sinking
Closed his eyes
Turned away
Heard his cries
But didn’t say
Don’t despair, God is there
And I am here for you.

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t turn away
Hear his cries
And to him say
Don’t despair, God is there
And I am here for you.


Today the paperwork was submitted to found End Starvation Foundation, Inc., to feed the starving and transform the world for God’s glory. It is time to transform the world. The cure is to care.

We eat what we wish
They eat what they must
We lie down quite full
They cry in the dust
The tears on their cheeks
Convict and accuse
While nothing we do
Could ever excuse
The failure
Our failure to care
It wouldn’t take much
A little would do
To transform the world
Into something new
A little, no more
From each who could give
So those who now die
Could eat well and live
All it takes
Is for each one to care


Make Amends

Make amends for your sins
Make amends for your crimes
Don’t you know we are living
In perilous time
When we need to use well
Every ounce of the mind
And the spirit in order
To finally find
The answers to why
We were ever brought here
As the time’s growing short
While the end’s drawing near.

We have all fallen short
Of perfection and so
Need to make better choices
In order to grow
Into what we were always
Expected to be
Beings willing to serve
Throughout eternity
Slaves to righteousness
Serving our God night and day
Forever till
Heaven and Earth pass away.

Stop and think, look ahead
On the road you are on
Opportunity flies
All your time will be gone
Which you could have used well
In the struggle to be
What God wants us to be
Throughout eternity
Makes amends for your crimes
Make amends for your sins
So you’ll see the real life
When it finally begins.

Every day is a challenge
Every day brings travail
In this war in our being
We sometimes do fail
But in every case
It’s our job to decide
To do what is right
In his Spirit abide
Where we’re blessed in his love
As we’re kept in his hand
In his grace we remain
In his favor we stand.

If that’s not where you are
It is by your own choice
But if you want to hear
You can hear his own voice
Which can guide you to be
Where you should be today
Stop and listen before
Your time has flown away
Put his righteousness first
Leave your old self behind
And I promise that life
Love and peace you will find.

There is nothing so fine
As his Spirit in you
And He wants to live there
But He needs you to do
What his true love requires
Which requires that you
Warn the world, feed his sheep
And be vigilant, too
For whatever instruction
He might sometime give you
To fulfill his will
As we were designed to.

He is willing to help
In your struggle today
But He does not insist
That you follow his way
That leads to true life
As it is meant to be
That brings blessing now
And through eternity
You are still free to live
In rebellion and pain
But your life you will lose
Though the whole world you gain.

He is willing to help
But you must choose his way
To follow his standards
And not go astray
To remain in his love
To seek peace and forgive
And to live in the way
Those in Paradise live
He is willing to help
Through his Spirit of grace
But it first falls to you
Righteousness to embrace.

There’s nothing impossible
For God to do
He is willing to move
Earth and Heaven for you
He loves even sinners
And so gave his Son
To open the way
For his will to be done
He is calling you and
He has opened the door
To salvation, so do not
His compassion ignore.

Justice requires
That no evil reside
In any place where
God’s sons will abide
In peace and in love
Where his Spirit will be
Imparting his light
Throughout eternity
True life is in Him
And this life can be yours
But it’s not for whomever
His justice ignores.

A small clarification: Despite the lyrics of this song, we cannot “make amends” for our sins to gain salvation by doing good works. We do good works because we agree with God that we were created for good works. We are given the gift of salvation by his grace through our faith, following our having come to understand that we needed to convert to his way of righteousness. Then we do works out of gratitude, and because we see that we should. If in any way we “make amends” it is through following Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:10, Hebrews 13:16, Matthew 25:31-46, etc.


Finally Getting Organized

We have five members and can finally incorporate the 501(C)3. The paperwork is being prepared for the incorporation now. Then the real work can begin. It will be interesting. God help us meet success according to his will. It is really exciting.

I have been writing more letters to potential major collaborators.

I hope the government accepts approves the incorporation.

I am getting over severe asthmatic bronchitis which slowed me down for a few days. Could hardly breathe for 5 or 6 days.

I will end with this song that I wrote in about 1976. It sounds great on banjo and should end with the closing bars of the Beverly Hillbillies Theme:


Burn my body when I’m gone, don’t pay the undertaker
Don’t say another prayer, don’t buy a fancy box
Just build a pyre high with a fire to the sky
And on my ashes place a little pile of rocks
Then once or twice a year, or if by chance you pass near
Place a flower or shed a tear

Burn my body when I’m gone, bring the cocoa and marshmallows
Don’t dress up all in black, like somber sorry fellows
Bring lots and lots of wood so I’ll burn really good
And take a good last look ’cause I won’t be comin’ back
Then once or twice a year, or if by chance you pass near
Place a flower or shed a tear

(Please be sure I am gone before you burn me.)

A Dollar a Day

Millions of children are dying right now
For lack of some beans or a bowlful of grain
The cost of survival’s so low but somehow
It seems that so few are aware of their pain.

I think that so few are aware because I
Prefer to believe they don’t know what goes on
Don’t know that so many poor people must die
Because they don’t have enough food to live on.

And I think that because the world isn’t aware
That for this sole reason the world doesn’t give
And that it’s not because they just do not care
That children are dying whom we could help live.

If the world knew the starving ones all could be fed
Sufficiently on what we daily discard
On some black beans and rice or a loaf of stale bread-
I know it’s not due to their hearts being hard.

I know that you will do what’s within your power
To transform the world at this critical hour
When one person in nine is now fading away
For the terrible lack of a dollar a day.

A dollar a day is what it takes to feed
A starving young child in this hour of need
For a dollar a day you could be that ones saint
Save his life, change his world, and end his lament.

A dollar a day you now throw away
A dollar a day you don’t need
But a dollar a day is a miracle
That all of the starving could feed.

A beautiful sunset bore witness today
Of one hundred thousand who faded away
Because they had nothing to drink or to eat
They starved slowly to death and fell at our feet.

Millions of children are starving to death
As one in nine people are starving on Earth
And we could save them all with a dollar a day
But we avert our eyes while they’re fading away.

Remember we’ll stand someday before the throne
Of the One whom these victims describes as his own
And his anger will burn as He judges those who
Did not feed his sheep as He told us to do.

He Wants Your Heart

If you’re not on the knees of your heart
You’re not walking in humility
Though on physical knees you bend down
It’s not where He would like you to be
It’s your heart that He wants to possess
And to cleanse so that you will be pure
Though you kneel down to pray and confess
And to praise Him, you sure can be sure
That what He wants from you is your heart.
If you love Him then you must obey
What He tells us to do every day
It’s not enough just to declare that
You believe He’s waiting there for you
You have to walk in such a way that
Demonstrates you know that He is true
And that is what He waits for us to do
He waits for you
He wants your heart.

Good News

It looks as though the incorporation can go ahead very soon. God is providing the required directors and the paperwork should be prepared in about a week. It looks like this will be called “End Starvation Foundation, Inc”.

I am taking one step at a time, not knowing where the path will lead, but only knowing that it is the right path, and that God will open the way before us to do the work He said we should do. I hope you will join in it, either with us or without us.

It is an exciting time. God is moving.

Stephen Bening introduced be to a musical group named Broken Walls, which I suggest you look up on Youtube. Try the songs Ride the Wind and Jesus Christ is Good Medicine and Song for the Creator.

I have been really busy

I have been really busy with a variety of things, some of which are not important enough to continue doing. I hope to very shortly incorporate the 501(C)3, so that the project that really matters most can get rolling. While we waste time in many things that ultimately mean little, the starving continue to die. Each of us is able to do something meaningful to bring an end to starvation, the one ongoing tragedy that could be eradicated, if we only really wanted to do it. We cannot say that about diseases, wars, crime, or other causes of human suffering, at least not in the same sense. So I will budget my time more wisely, and you do the same.


Fools and idiots abound
And lots of liars are around
Many of who fail to see
Of Jesus the reality
But teach about what they don’t know
And fulfill in doing so
The prophecies that said they’d come
With evil fruit and conscience numb.
Those wolves that often dress like sheep
Mislead the flock, but soon will reap
A cup filled with the wrath divine
For those who’d come to undermine
His holy purpose, where He forgave
All those whom He came to save.
God, have mercy on the dumb
But deal with all the lying scum
Who without conscience do defame
Those persisting in your name
To follow Christ and do as you
In righteousness would have us do.
Fools and idiots can be
Filled with wisdom and come to see
But prophets false who love to lie
And don’t repent will have to die
Not once but twice, and face the flame
For failing to respect his name.
God, have mercy on fools like me
And teach me your reality.


Life is good, but what is life?
Struggling with daily strife
While hanging on the tree of woe?
Oh, no, I really don’t think so.
Sometimes grief is in the heart
But we can choose the better part
Simply by remembering
That He will give us everything.
If we would see better days
We really must amend our ways
And do as He’d have us to do
Until our days on Earth are through.
The life we live we live to God
Until we’re placed beneath the sod
Later called to rise again
Rejoicing with obedient men
Rewarded with felicity
In life as it was meant to be.
But some prefer a punishment
Together with the arrogant
Who having no humility
Toss aside felicity
To hang upon the tree of woe
Just because they wouldn’t go
And enter by the narrow gate
Delaying till it is too late
Repentance from a life of sin
Which long they chose to remain in.
Any person could be saved
Despite how they might have behaved
If they have humbly walked with God
Before they’re placed beneath the sod.
Your body, you must realize
Before too long will fertilize
After you have lain in state
So wisely do not hesitate.
This very day you should repent
So you will not have to be sent
To where you gnash your teeth and weep
But rather where you get to keep
The blessings of joy, peace, and love
As promised by the Lord above.
The choice you make is up to you.
Choose life, before your life is through.