A Dollar a Day

Millions of children are dying right now
For lack of some beans or a bowlful of grain
The cost of survival’s so low but somehow
It seems that so few are aware of their pain.

I think that so few are aware because I
Prefer to believe they don’t know what goes on
Don’t know that so many poor people must die
Because they don’t have enough food to live on.

And I think that because the world isn’t aware
That for this sole reason the world doesn’t give
And that it’s not because they just do not care
That children are dying whom we could help live.

If the world knew the starving ones all could be fed
Sufficiently on what we daily discard
On some black beans and rice or a loaf of stale bread-
I know it’s not due to their hearts being hard.

I know that you will do what’s within your power
To transform the world at this critical hour
When one person in nine is now fading away
For the terrible lack of a dollar a day.

A dollar a day is what it takes to feed
A starving young child in this hour of need
For a dollar a day you could be that ones saint
Save his life, change his world, and end his lament.

A dollar a day you now throw away
A dollar a day you don’t need
But a dollar a day is a miracle
That all of the starving could feed.

A beautiful sunset bore witness today
Of one hundred thousand who faded away
Because they had nothing to drink or to eat
They starved slowly to death and fell at our feet.

Millions of children are starving to death
As one in nine people are starving on Earth
And we could save them all with a dollar a day
But we avert our eyes while they’re fading away.

Remember we’ll stand someday before the throne
Of the One whom these victims describes as his own
And his anger will burn as He judges those who
Did not feed his sheep as He told us to do.

He Wants Your Heart

If you’re not on the knees of your heart
You’re not walking in humility
Though on physical knees you bend down
It’s not where He would like you to be
It’s your heart that He wants to possess
And to cleanse so that you will be pure
Though you kneel down to pray and confess
And to praise Him, you sure can be sure
That what He wants from you is your heart.
If you love Him then you must obey
What He tells us to do every day
It’s not enough just to declare that
You believe He’s waiting there for you
You have to walk in such a way that
Demonstrates you know that He is true
And that is what He waits for us to do
He waits for you
He wants your heart.