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The anthology is now available online, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Google, and will soon be available on this site’s webstore. Poems & Songs for Christ.

I am working on the second anthology now, which may be done within the year. And I have typed up my three short stories, titled Trio of Short Stories for Christ.

Kyle Ingalsbe is setting up the site to take your payments and donations. Hope to be up and running soon.

So far, no positive responses from billionaires. Maybe soon.

Here is the latest poem:

Seek First the Kingdom

There is nothing, nothing at all,

Nothing at all that Christ cannot do.

He is through whom God created life,

So, why can’t He give life to you?

Everything the Father has given

To the Son to reign as our king,

And raised Him up as proof of his power

To give us life and everything.

From the East and from the West

They will come to sit at his table,

All whom the Lord of life resurrects,

He to fulfill his promise is able.

There is nothing, nothing at all,

Nothing at all his people will lack.

Rejoice now and trust in his promise:

Jesus Christ is soon coming back.

So remember, do not forget,

He’s returning on Judgment Day

To reward those who do his will,

But to destroy those who don’t obey.

Serve the king and you will lack nothing –

He has great riches waiting for you,

Real life in union with the great Spirit

Of the One who’s returning for you.

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