The War in Effect

I am about to sound sanctimonious but sometimes we need reminders. Not all who
say to Him “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven. He said that many will
call Him Lord whom He will call practicers of lawlessness. Recall that He said
He came to bring not peace but a sword. He also taught that friendship with the
world is enmity with God. Even the members of our own family may turn against us
if we serve Christ.

There are many who say they are Christian but who do not know the truth. They
can learn. And if they belong to Christ they will hear his voice. But many know
the word and reject it who also claim to be Christian. They create doctrines
that ignore his teachings & they reject his words. They reject his teaching &
they condemn those who teach what He taught. This is clear evidence of to whom
they really belong.

The scriptures speak in various places of this type of traitor to Christ. They
warn of them. Do not listen to the teaching of false prophets. The scriptures
say that they come to mislead and deceive, drawing away even the elect, if
possible. Do not be deceived. Have the Bible on hand.

Some teach falsehood being themselves deceived. They can be helped and taught.
False prophets come to separate us from Christ. We need to constantly refer to
his word as we must remain alert and informed of what is true and if we remain
in the word He will reveal it.

Don’t be led away by false teachers who sound smart but whose doctrine opposes
the truth of Christ. False teachers can be slick and sly. They can look just
like sheep but be wolves. Do not be deceived. Test every teaching with his word.

This is not a game. Satan the devil is looking to devour whomever he can and
uses people to help him do it. The war is spiritual. You must remain informed to

What does this have to do with the war on starvation? There is a class of false teacher who insists that since we are saved by grace through faith we do not have to have works. They say this even though Christ clearly taught that those who do not do as He commands will not inherit the kingdom of God. Regardless of whether works are necessary for salvation, per se, works are necessary, since Christ said they are necessary, and since He told us to do them.

One of the things He told us to do is to feed the needy. Since we do not do it, they die by the millions.

Regardless of whatever it means to work or not to work, the world is what it is because we do not do what He told us to do. The dying from starvation are dying because we do not feed them as He commanded.

The word of God says that we were created for good works that were prepared for us to walk in. But some prefer to argue against the necessity of works that Christ commanded, rather than to do what we were created to do.

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