We Have It So Hard

Life is so difficult. We have to be careful not to overeat. So many Americans are overweight. Many are obese. Everywhere we turn we are faced with temptation to try some new delicacy. It is just not fair.

Life is hard. The price of gas keeps going up. That reflects in the cost of food and other commodities. Travel costs more now. A vacation that might have cost $2,000 a few years ago today could cost almost $3,000. It isn’t fair.

Life is so unfair. The price of cable went up. It costs an arm and a leg to see a movie. A decent 4G phone costs over $100.00. It’s crazy, I’m telling you.

You Think?

You think you’ve got it so bad

You could just break down and cry

You’re feeling sadder than sad

You don’t know how you’ll get by

You don’t know which way to turn

You don’t know which way to go

You only wait and you yearn

But just for what…you don’t know

Oh, Lord, please

Listen to Me!

Oh, Lord, please

Where can you be?! //

You think you’ve got it so bad

But you did not die today

Like all those children who had

From hunger faded away

You didn’t die from disease

Or as a victim of war

So I will just ask you: Please

Please do not be…such a bore

Oh, Lord, please

Please let me see!

Oh, Lord, please

What should I be?! //

Today the world is on fire

People are dropping like flies

And calling out for our help

While we are deaf to their cries

How can you sit there and think

That you have got it so bad?

The world would all be content

If they could have…what you’ve had

Oh, Lord, please

What should I do?

Oh, Lord, let

Me follow you! //


Judgment Coming

The Lord’s friends are his riches and glory

He wants you to tell your story

And to give your testimony

He’s calling you to be holy

The time has come to be strong

For the One to whom we belong

Who is calling us to speak

To be obedient and to be meek

But not to be weak

For He has given us power

And prepared us for this hour

When his kingdom is about to come

When by all means we must save some

We are still in the time of grace

But all soon will see his face

Some with joy and amazing peace

But some will stand before his throne

For judgment

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