Note From The Founder

Why should you contribute to END STARVATION FOUNDATION? There are many organizations that claim to feed the starving, yet millions die each year, so more needs to be done. Our goal is to completely end starvation worldwide.

If you care, then also be assured that END STARVATION FOUNDATION will strive to reduce administrative costs to the minimum possible, so that we could guarantee to donors that all of what they give goes directly to support those who so badly need it. No business functions without a cost of operation, but we will reduce costs at every opportunity. We honor your contribution, we honor those who need it, and we honor God.

I pledge to do this work without a salary, without financial interest, so that none of your contribution will benefit me in any way. If I spend money from my pocket for normal business expenses, I will be reimbursed. But there will be no expensive business dinners, no luxury automobiles, no stays in 5-star hotels, and no unnecessary expenditures. You have my word.

Of course, if you are a multibillionaire and want to fund this effort, I am willing to accept a small salary at some point in the future, if it becomes needed. But otherwise, I do what I do because it must be done and because we were created for good works. Thankfully, I need no salary at this time.

END STARVATION FOUNDATION will grow. Even as we begin to operate, we seek to encourage and develop future leadership to continue the work that must be completed and maintained until the Lord returns. Maybe you will join us.

Hope to hear from you. All the best,


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